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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Installation Guide

Installing QoreStor

The process of installing QoreStor involves these steps:

  • Review the System requirements and verify your intended installation platform satisfies these requirements.
  • Download the QoreStor software.
  • Obtain your QoreStor license key.
  • Install QoreStor.
  • Add your new QoreStor repository to a supported backup product.

Pre-installation configurations

  • Set appropriate OS permissions on target machines to allow users to install software.
  • Select multiuser run level
  • Verify storage devices are properly connected to the QoreStor server.
  • The Samba4, windbind, and libwbclient packages are incompatible with QoreStor . These packages must be removed from the QoreStor server before installing QoreStor.
  • If your operating system is distributed with a system-provided NFS server, it must be disabled prior to installing QoreStor.
  • QoreStor 7.0.1 requires the mutt, nfs-utils, perl, and policycoreutils packages to be installed as prerequisites. If they are not installed, the installer will prompt for permission to download and install these packages before installing or upgrading QoreStor.

Downloading the software

The QoreStor installer is available for download from the Quest website.

  1. Log in to your Quest Support account.
  2. Navigate to the QoreStor portion of the Quest Support website:
  3. In the Download Software section, click See all Downloads.
  4. Find the version of QoreStor you wish to download, and click the download icon.
  5. Click either Download Now to download the software immediately, or Add to my Downloads.
  6. If you selected Add to my Downloads, click the My Downloads icon to view your download cart.
  7. Select the software to download and click Download Selected.

Installing QoreStor

Before installing QoreStor, refer to System requirements and Installing QoreStor for additional information. To install QoreStor in Object Direct mode, refer to

To install QoreStor

  1. Copy the QoreStor installation files to the server.
  2. Set execution permission on the installation files using chmod. For example,

    $ chmod a+x qs_inst_7.0.1.238.bin

  3. With elevated privileges (either as root or with the sudo command), run the installation script according to one of the two options below
    • qs_inst_7.0.1.238.bin -- -f –p <repository_path> -m <metadata_path> --mode=<demo|cloud-optimized|standard|large> --accept-eula --install-deps --[install-vtl]


    • -f specifies that the installer should automatically apply firewall rules to open the necessary ports
    • -p <repository_path> specifies the repository path
    • -m <metadata_path> specifies where the dictionary and journals should be stored.If not specified, the repository path will be used.
    • --mode=<demo|cloud-optimized|standard|large> specifies the installation mode. Refer to QoreStor installation modes for more information.
      • demo: 100GB max storage, 1GB dictionary
      • cloud-optimized: 43TB max storage, 64GB dictionary
      • standard: 150TB max. storage, 256GB dictionary
      • Large: 360TB max storage; 256GB dictionary
    • --accept-eula: implicitly accepts the EULA and bypasses the prompt to accept the terms and conditions of the EULA
    • --install-deps: implicit permission to download and install the nfs-utils and policycoreutils packages if they are not already installed
    • --install-vtl: [Optional] installs components required for VTL support.


    • $ sudo ./qs_inst_7.0.1.238.bin

      and follow the prompts to :

      • provide a path for the storage directory
      • [Optional] provide a separate path for metadata storage
      • select an installation mode. Refer to QoreStor installation modes for more information
      • [Optional] Install VTL support
      • add firewall exceptions

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