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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Installation Guide

Installing QoreStor with Object Direct Storage

Installing QoreStor in Object Direct configuration utilizes a volume layout different from a standard installation and the installation script requires additional cloud-configuration information. Before installing QoreStor, refer to QoreStor installation modesQoreStor installation modesand the QoreStor Interoperability Guide for additional information.

To install QoreStor in Object Direct mode

  1. Copy the QoreStor installation files to the server.
  2. Set execution permission on the installation files using chmod. For example,

    $ chmod a+x qs_inst_7.0.1.238.bin

  3. With elevated privileges (either as root or with the sudo command), run the installation script with the desired parameters, using the below information as a guide. To install QoreStor in object direct mode, use the --object-direct parameter.
  • qs_inst_7.0.0.356.bin -- -f –p <repository_path> -m <metadata_path> --object-direct --mode=<cloud-optimized|standard|large> --accept-eula --install-deps -e <cloud-provider> -t <cloud-container-name> -o <cloud-connection-string>


-f enables firewall configuration
-h, --help displays this help message
-p, --repository_path=<pathname> is the path to the repository storage
-m, --metadata_path=<pathname> is the path to the metadata storage
--accept-eula accepts the EULA agreement
--install-deps resolves missing package dependencies
--fix-mount-opts adds any required mount options to fstab entries
--object-direct installs support for object-direct storage
--no-object-direct does not install support for direct-to-cloud storage
-e, --cloud_provider_name=<name> object storage provider (e.g. AWS-S3, AZURE, S3-Compatible, etc.)
-t, --cloud_container_name=<name> container name for object storage
-o, --cloud_connection_string=<password> access key for object-direct storage
--mode=<large |standard |cloud-optimized> selects the type of storage configuration


    • $ sudo ./qs_inst_7.0.1.238.bin

      and follow the prompts to :

      • configure storage location (local, or object direct)
      • select an installation mode. Refer to QoreStor installation modes for more information
      • install QoreStor in object direct mode, and enter the required cloud connection information
      • add firewall exceptions

Logging in to QoreStor

To access the QoreStor UI, you must connect via a supported browser.

To access the QoreStor UI

  1. In a supported browser, navigate to https://<hostname:5233>

    NOTE: You can use either the host IP or hostname.

  2. Log in with the default credentials:
    • username: admin
    • password: St0r@ge!

To access the QoreStor command line interface

  1. Using the terminal emulation application of your choice, connect to your QoreStor server.
  2. At the system prompt, enter the username for an account with sufficient priveledges. By default this is the qsadmin account:
    • Type qsadmin
    • Press <Enter>
  3. At the password prompt, enter the password for the qsadmin account (the default is St0r@ge!):
    • Type St0r@ge!
    • Press <Enter>
  4. Enter the desired command at the prompt. To view the available QoreStor CLI commands, type help.

Configuring QoreStor with the Configuration Menu

The sections below contain the steps and information required to configure the QoreStor server for the first time.

Initial login and changing your password

After the QoreStor Installation is complete, you will be prompted to log in. When logging in for the first time with the default credentials, you are required to change the password.

  1. Using the terminal emulation application of your choice, log on to the QoreStor server using the default credentials:

    username: qsservice

    password: changeme

  2. You will be prompted to enter the current password. Enter changeme.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your new password, and then to confirm it.
  4. Continue to Initial network configuration.
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