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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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Managing QoreStor Storage Operations
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Maintaining QoreStor About us

Maintaining QoreStor

This topic introduces the CLI commands that are useful for managing the filesystem and performing system maintenance-related tasks.

  • The Maintenance command and its options are used to perform filesystem and system maintenance.


The QoreStor CLI maintenance commands lets you display the system maintenance repair progress, and manage the data repair and state of a QoreStor system.

NOTE: Whenever the QoreStor enters or exits from the Maintenance mode state, communication via OST, RDA, CIFS, and NFS is lost.

The maintenance --filesystem commands perform maintenance operations on the QoreStor file system, the maintenance --diags command allow you to create and view diagnostic bundles for your QoreStor system.

NOTE: This set of maintenance commands provide some functionality that is not available in the QoreStor GUI. To check the status of the QoreStor server, use the QoreStor CLI system --show command to display the current status.

Maintenance command

This topic introduces the maintenance command usage:

NOTE: Using some of the maintenance command options could result in the deletion of data. Carefully observe the warnings (for example, running the scan without running the repair). If you have questions, do not perform these QoreStor CLI command options without first contacting Technical Support.

  • maintenance --filesystem
    • --scan_report [verbose]
    • --repair_status [verbose]
    • --repair_history [verbose]
    • --scan_restart [verify_data | verify_rda_metadata | verify_metadata]
    • --repair_now
    • --reclaim_space
    • --stop_reclaim_space
    • --clear_quarantine
    • --start_scan [verify_data | verify_rda_metadata | verify_metadata] [--storage_group <name>]
    • --stop_scan
  • maintenance --diags
    • --collect
    • --show
    • --delete <name>
    • --delete_all
  • maintenance --disaster_recovery [options]
  • maintenance --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you are prompted to provide the correct value or option.

maintenance --filesystem [--scan_status]


Displays the current filesystem checker status and scan progress for a QoreStor.


maintenance --filesystem --scan_status


Filesystem checker              : Scan in progress
Filesystem check status:
DataBlock Consistency Checker Stats
Phase                           : INODE CRAWL
Inode check                     : IN PROGRESS
Inodes processed                : 3200 / 3498
Time left (approx)              : 4 secs
Cont Name	   TotalInodes	 Checked 	Corrupted		Missing Data Orphan		Status
backup 						0 								0 				0         	0            0     COMPLETED
container29 			0           		0 				0 						0            0     COMPLETED
										71826						71826 		0          0            0     COMPLETED
Data block check                : COMPLETED
Data blocks processed           : 422 / 422
Corrupted data chunks           : 0
Data chunk refcount mismatch    : 0
Recomputed bytes out            : 1383308872
Recomputed bytes in             : 6107833613
Recomputed % Savings            : 77.351890%
Time left (approx)              : 0
Data block check                : NOT STARTED
NameSpace Consistency Checker Stats
Namespace check                 : NOT STARTED
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