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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Command Line Reference Guide

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rda --help


Displays the list of RDA-related options that can be used as a reference when using the QoreStor CLI.


rda --help


	rda --show [--config]
		[--file_history] [--name <name>]
		[--active_files] [--name <name>]

	rda --update --opdup_encryption <none | aes128 | aes256>
	rda --delete_client --name <RDA Client Hostname>

	rda --update_client --name <RDA Client Hostname> --mode <auto|passthrough|dedupe>

	rda --limit --speed <<num><KBps|MBps|GBps> | default> --target <ip address | hostname>

	rda --partial_images --containerid <Container id> [--delete <Partial image path>] [--timeout <> 0>]

	rda --help

	rda <command> <command-arguments>
   <command> can be one of:
		--show			Displays command specific information.
		--delete_client		Deletes the Rapid Data Access (RDA) client.
		--update_client		Updates attributes of a Rapid Data Access (RDA) client.
		--limit			Delete existing bandwidth rules for all ports and set new throttling limits for RDA replication over WAN.
		--partial_images	Lists or cleans up partial images.

For command-specific help, please type rda --help <command>
            rda --help show

Sc_manager command

The sc_manager command have the following functions:

  • Displays the current status of Secure Connect.
  • Enables Secure Connect
  • Disables Secure Connect

Sc_manager Command Usage

The following commands are run for sc_manager:

  • sc_manager --status
  • sc_manager --disable
  • sc_manager --enable
  • sc_manager --help

sc_manager status --property <path_to_sc_client.property_file>

NOTE: The sc_manager command must be run using the root account.


Displays the Secure Connect status for the machine on which the command is run.


If run from the directory containing the file:

sc_manager status

If run from a different directory:

/opt/qorestor/bin/sc_manager status --property <path_to_sc_client.property_file>


SecureConnect.enabled = true
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