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QoreStor 7.0.1 - Command Line Reference Guide

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This topic introduces the set of QoreStor CLI commands that allow you to manage, configure, and display connection-related settings for containers on a QoreStor server. For more information, see Container Command Usage .

Connection Command Usage

This topic introduces the connection command usage:

  • connection --show [options]
  • connection --add --name [options]
  • connection --update [options]
  • connection --delete [options]
  • connection --enable [options]
  • connection --disable [options]
  • connection --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you are prompted to provide the correct value or option.

connection --show [--name <name>] [--type <NFS|CIFS|OST|RDS|NDMP|ISCSI|FC>] [--verbose]


Displays the current connections on a container.

NOTE: In addition to displaying the current status of an existing container connection, this command also verifies if an existing container connection is disabled (by listing its status as offline).


connection --show [--name <name>] [--type <NFS|||||>][--verbose]


--name      Name of container. ABC
--type      Type of sharing (NFS|||||).
--verbose   Show further details.


Container Name                Connection Type

Other Examples

Display the complete status of all existing container connections by using the --verbose command on a QoreStor (this example only shows a partial display of the total output):

Container Entry ID              : 1
Container Name                  : NV_QS1
 connection Entry ID         : 1
 connection Quota            : Unlimited
 connection Used Capacity    : 257.0 GiB
 connection Enabled          : Yes
 connection status           : Available

connection --add --name <name> --type <NFS|CIFS|OST|RDS|NDMP|ISCSI|FC> [--clients <ip address>][--dma <ip address>][--initiator <IQN, ip address(es), hostname, or WWPN>][--target <WWPN>][--rootmap <nobody|root|administrator>] [--options <NFS|CIFS


Adds a new connection to a container.


connection --add --name <name> --type <NFS|||||> 
	[--clients <ip address>] 
	[--dma <ip address>] 
	[--initiator <IQN, ip address, hname, or WWPN>] 
	[--map <nobody |  | administrator>] 
	[--options <NFS |  mount export options>] 
	[--capacity <Positive decimal number>]


--name        Name of container.
--type        Type of sharing required (NFS|||||).
--clients     Restrict NFS/ access to this list of comma separated hs.
--dma         Restrict  access to this DMA h.
--initiator   Restrict /FC access to this /FC initiator.
--map     How to map  for NFS.
--options     mount options NFS (rw,ro,insecure), (hide,unhide, sync always=<yes/no>,valid users).
--capacity     usable capacity in Gigabytes.


Successfully added connection entry.
 connection Quota            : 10
 connection Enabled          : Yes
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