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On Demand Migration Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® On Demand Migration

October 18, 2021

Quest® On Demand Migration is an Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration service that allows you to simply and securely migrate Office 365 information from Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. It is a part of the Quest® On Demand cloud-based platform solution.

These release notes provide information about the latest Quest® On Demand Migration release.


New Features

This release introduces new features in the following On Demand migration service modules:


On Demand Migration

Desktop Update Agent

Desktop Update Agent (DUA) provides enhanced support for Microsoft 365 applications and Outlook Profile reconfiguration for all users. You can manage the application reconfiguration activities of users from a single view in On Demand Migration to ensure the success of cross-tenant migration projects.


Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.


Table 1: General known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
If the Skip if the target file is the same version or newer option is selected, files that were previously migrated and for which additional sharing permissions have been added may not appear in the Shared With Me panel of users who have been granted this additional sharing permission. Workaround: Remove and re-grant permissions directly to previously migrated files in the target. ODM-1112
Statistics related to permissions can be incorrect in some specific cases. ODM-872
Deletion of target object after the migration may not be reported. ODM -855
In case the created Mailbox Switch task is edited and the mail forwarding direction is changed, all selected notification messages will be readdressed, but the wizard may not display notification settings correctly. Workaround: Select Run later and finish the task to re-open it. After the task is re-opened you can see the actual notification settings. Now you can schedule the task as necessary. N/A
If you remove a tenant that is currently used in migration projects from On Demand, the affected projects can still be opened without any alerts or notifications. However, all project tasks will fail. N/A
Mail Migration Task Wizard cannot be finished if you add and then clear the value in Exclude mail before and Exclude mail after fields. Workaround: Close the wizard and create a task anew. ODM-176
Double-clicking Finish button in wizards may result in creating several duplicate tasks. DO-728
All accounts must be matched or migrated before migrating the groups they belong to, or with the same task that migrate groups. Otherwise, the newly migrated accounts will not be added to the target groups. Workaround: Re-migrate the affected groups after all their members are migrated. N/A
If you migrate a mail-enabled group with non mail-enabled members, some of those users might not be added to the target group. The following error is displayed for each affected user: "Group membership migration completed with errors. Couldn't find object [User GUID]. Please make sure that it was spelled correctly or specify a different object." Workaround: Re-migrate the affected groups. ODM-309
Deleting or moving a file in the OneDrive storage that is currently being migrated may result in aborting the storage transfer with Content transfer failed error. Other storages from the migration task are not affected. Workaround: Re-migrate the failed storage. ODM-335
A search query entered by user to filter content may be lost in case the user switches tab. ODM-293
Migration of Microsoft Office 365 groups and security groups with dynamic membership is not supported. ODM-37
Migration fails if internal account is matched with external account and the following message is reported: Property usageLocation is invalid. / Insufficient privileges to complete the operation ODM-1576
Migration of security group to distribution list or to mail-enabled security group fails (this migration cannot be supported) and the following message is reported: Unable to update the specified properties for objects that have originated within an external service ODM-1566
Migration of Office 365 group to distribution list or to mail-enabled security group fails (this migration cannot be supported) and the following message is reported: REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox. ODM -1567

After the migration, the calendar invites with Teams links may need to be updated.

ODM -788
In case of re-migration, On Demand Migration re-migrates mail and calendar items that have changed in the source mailbox to the target mailbox. Also, calendar items that have been removed from the source mailbox will be removed from the target mailbox. Re-migration of other types of items that have been modified or deleted in the source mailbox is not supported. 4781288-1

Address Rewriting
Due to Microsoft's Exchange Online limits on messages sent from the tenant that are calculated according to purchased Exchange Online licenses, some of the sent messages exceeding this limit will not be delivered within 24 hours and will wait in the queue to be send next day. If waiting time will be longer than 24 hours, the sender will receive an NDR.

Workaround: To increase bandwidth you need to purchase more Exchange Online licenses


Table 2: Account migration known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Resource Processing is not available when GCC High tenants are used. Resource Processing is only available with commercial tenants. 251283
Resource Processing is not available when credentials are not provided. 248836
Source UPN and Primary SMTP will be used after migration for existing target hybrid accounts. ODM-1251
In case of re-migration of hybrid account the Migration task state may appear to be completed before the actual completion. ODM-1174
Source user mailbox is required to be kept to ensure receiving of mail messages addressed to this mailbox after migration. To remove these mailboxes you can manually configure forwarding in on-premises environment for all affected accounts after target mailboxes are provisioned. ODM-1345
Hybrid accounts has New status even in case these accounts are in progress. ODM-1053
Matching task may hang with In progress state in case on-premises connection credentials are not configured. No events are reported.
Matching task may hang with In progress state in case of any issues related to connection problem of integration service, e.g., secret is not installed properly or unavailable. ODM-1469
In case matched target hybrid account is removed intentionally, but source account is selected for the migration task, the target object will be provisioned and no event is reported. ODM-1292
In case of any target conflicts related to existing objects in on-premises part processed by Quest Migration Manager, events generated by Quest Migration Manager will not appear in Events. ODM-1255
Migration Task progress may be reported incorrectly. Refer to task details for actual information. ODM-1175
Mail flow is not currently displayed for migrated objects. ODM-1376
Mapping from file is not currently supported ODM-1365

Mail addressed to target Room/Equipment/shared mailbox will not be redirected to source. Reason: forwarding from target to source after account migration for Room / Equipment / shared mailbox is not set.

In case object is removed in source, during re-migration this object cannot be included in migration scope, but object status remains unchanged. In task details this object status is New. ODM-1331
Migration tasks may hang with In progress state in case of any issues related to integration with Quest Migration Manager. No events are reported.

Resource processing To allow target users access source SharePoint, linked guest users were created in the source and On Demand Migration immediately attempts to grant these user accounts necessary direct permissions. It can take time for guest accounts to replicate to SharePoint, which can result in a "User not found" error message for a guest account that has not yet been replicated during granting permissions.

Workaround: Retry the SharePoint processing later.


Table 3: OneDrive migration known issues

Known Issue ID
If Migrate Sharing Link Permissions option is selected, some link sharing permissions will not migrate properly if the user has shared this file or folder with more than 30 users. Only 30 users will have permissions from the Sharing Links, while others will not be processed due to a Microsoft limitation. ODM-1640

Table 4: Public folder migration known issues

Known Issue ID
There is currently no way to stop running tasks. PFM-76
After migration to the target, the folder name remains unchanged, even the original source folder has been renamed. On Demand Migration does not support renaming folders. PFM-77

Table 5: SharePoint migration known issues

Known Issue ID
When using collections with On Demand Migration for SharePoint, if a site is added to a collection after running a Discover SharePoint Contents task for the site, the child objects will not be added to the collection. Re-run the Discover SharePoint Contents task for the site to add the child objects to the collection.  
When using collections with On Demand Migration for SharePoint, if a SharePoint object is added to a collection without its parent or child elements, the SHOW PARENT and SHOW CONTENTS buttons may be active but will link to a blank a filtered list because the child or parent is not included in the collection.  
When using collections with On Demand Migration for SharePoint, note that the Remove from Collection and Remove Collection functions are not yet available.  
Files and List Items cannot be migrated if same entities exist in target recycle bin. 163227,179261
The following events may be reported while migrating some folders from Document Libraries connected to Microsoft Teams: A file or folder with the name ... already exists... and Failed to lookup file info of object... The migration proceeds as expected. 173081
After migration the system account is specified as an author of migrated folder instead of the source folder author. 171641
Web address of this view in List View settings cannot be updated due to SharePoint limitations. 169946
Migrated discussion board replies are not tagged as "Best reply" on target. 157005
Custom content type assigned to documents is not migrated. All documents will have the default content type on target. 161588
Discussion List created by the site Community feature is renamed to Community Discussion in Team site (STS#3 template.) 168288
Files and list items are not migrated to subsites with the following characters in the URL: <, >, &, ", ' 169663
Site collection status is not updated if the migration task includes more than one site collection. 161760

The search field shows a limited number of characters. Only the first 22 characters are visible for the long search queries.


Table 6: Teams migration known issues

Known Issue ID

If the external sharing settings of the target tenant is more restrictive than the settings in the source tenant, then Office 365 groups and SharePoint items cannot be migrated tot he target tenant.

Workaround: Ensure that sharing settings in the target tenant is the same or less restrictive than the source tenant. You must create a fresh task to migrate the items.

When two or more users are participants in a chat, the chat migration task event is not linked to any particular user. 256913
Planner migration: If there are more than 400 tasks in a bucket then On Demand migrates the first 400 tasks only.  
On Demand cannot migrate the file if the SharePoint admin center (under Settings | Site Creation) has been used to change the default URL. 240044

Links to files and applications in Tabs are not supported if the files and applications are located outside the default SharePoint site of the Channel. These links are not migrated to the target and should be re-added manually by the target Channel owner.

If you rename a tab in the source team and then re-migrate, the renamed tab will be migrated. The target will then have two tabs, one with the old name and one with the new name. 197275
Meeting links in Teams calendar items of migrated teams don't work because the links still point to source tenant. 196069
Provisioning of public teams is not supported for migration scenarios from one education tenant to another. Only private teams can be provisioned for these scenarios. 218826

OneNote tabs migration fails if the team contains a large number of items (folders or files, some of which could be OneNote entities such as notebooks, sections or section groups) and the following error message is reported: Request failed with Forbidden status code (Forbidden). { "error": { "code": "10026", "message": "One or more of the document libraries on the user or group’s OneDrive contains more than 20,000 OneNote items (notebooks, sections, section groups). Please try again later."....


Before proceeding with migration consider the following Microsoft recommendations to avoid the problem:


Before proceeding with Teams migration use SharePoint migration to migrate the site collections for affected teams. Then retry Teams migration with Use previously migrated files option selected


When the team name in source tenant is different from the one in target tenant, a blank default team’s notebook (with the target team name) will be created in target tenant. The original default team’s notebook (with the source team name) will be migrated correctly by Team’s migration. This results in two default team’s notebook in target.

Archived teams are not supported. In case you need to migrate these teams, you need to unarchive them in the source to migrate and then archive them again in the source and in the target. 181522

Target team settings are not updated if you re-run the provisioning task.

Workaround: Update the target team settings manually or remove the team and re-run the provisioning task.

Incremental migration migrates new messages that was created since the last migration. On Demand Migration for Teams cannot modify or delete messages on the target if they have been modified or deleted on the source. 167428

The target tenant's Global Administrator is displayed as the owner of all migrated messages on the target: The original owner and creation time of a message are displayed in the first line of the message starting with "Originally posted by...".


Channel isFavoriteByDefault property migration is not supported . Workaround: Enable Automatically show this channel in everyone’s channel listoption for the channel manually in your Teams client. 154722

The memberships is not updated in Teams client immediately after provision. It takes a while before Microsoft synchronizes memberships between group and Teams.

Workaround: Wait for membership synchronization

The following warning is reported: Cannot migrate attachment ***: file not found
Workaround: Verify whether the file is not blocked or deleted in the source. File Migration task cannot migrate file in case it is not available.
Target administrative account are added to source teams automatically. This is mandatory requirement for migration. The following warning is reported: Adding *** as a member of the group '***' on the source...

No action required.


The following warning is reported: Cannot add *** as group ***: User Mapping does not exists. The team member or owner was not matched or migrated by Account migration project.

Workaround:In Account Migration project match or migrate the account and then re-run provision task.

Resource processingIf EDU team group has been migrated in the Account Migration project first and then this EDU team is provisioned in the Teams Migration project, the error "Request failed with BadRequest status code (Bad Request)" is reported.

Workaround: Delete the EDU team group created by Account Migration, then perform discovery and provision with Teams Migration project.

Private one-to-one chats with a Skype user are not migrated. The Microsoft Graph API List chat messages do not support querying messages of that type. N/A
If you have personalized the name of a group chat then that personalized name will not be migrated. Post migration, on the target, the group chat name will revert to that supplied by Microsoft: the list of team members in the chat. Post migration on the target you can re-enter the name you gave to the group chat if you wish. N/A
Private one-to-one chats are migrated as group chats. On the source the name of the chat is given by the other person in the chat; on the target the name of the chat is of the form " name and name - migrated". On the target the private chat becomes a group chat when the migration account granting consent to the tenant is added to the chat as a participant. This is by design to workaround Microsoft's API limitations. To preserve privacy this account is removed from the chat as soon as the chat migration is completed. N/A
On the source a member removed from a chat can still see the history of the chat in the source. On the target, members cannot see the history of chats they have been removed from. N/A
Individual messages larger than 4 MB will not migrate. Messages containing several inline messages can exceed 4MB. The chat will migrate without the large messages. An error will display in the On Demand Migration for Teams Events tab of the form: Request failed with RequestEntityTooLarge status code (Request Entity Too Large). N/A
Users deleted on the tenant are not migrated, so do not show as members of a chat on the target. Deleted users do remain visible as members of a chat on the source. 1:1 chats, where one of the users is deleted, are migrated for the user that is still a member of the tenant. N/A
Private one-to-one chats with an ‘External user’ (user from another tenant) are treated as follows. Private one-to-one chats initiated by an ‘External user’ are not migrated. Private one-to-one chats not initiated by an ‘External user’ are migrated, and in the title the external user’s real name is replaced with the text ‘External user’. N/A

Links to attachments in chats that are migrated and archived cannot be opened from the Conversation History in the Teams client if you left-click the link.

Workaround: Right-click the attachment and select Open Link in New Tab or Open Link in New Window from the context menu.


Release History

October 12, 2021

Table 7: Enhancements

Module ID Description
SharePoint Migration 253137 Migration of SharePoint sites based on the Publishing Portal templates is now supported.
Teams Migration ODMTOG-12 Migration of teams and groups with dynamic membership is now supported. Please refer to Microsoft documentation about dynamic membership. Merging of teams and groups with dynamic membership is not supported. A warning message is generated if you attempt to merge teams and groups with dynamic membership.
Teams Migration ODMTOG-55 When channel posts or messages are migrated a new Archive option is now available in the Migration Options step of the New Migration Task wizard.

When you select this option you can also specify a time span to determine the set of messages to archive. An archive HTML file for each team channel from the source tenant is added to the corresponding team channel in the target tenant. A new tab called Conversation History is also created in the target channel and the archived messages are displayed there

September 23, 2021

Table 8: Enhancements

Module ID Description
Teams Migration ODMTOG-56 The New Teams Discovery Task, New Groups Discovery Task and New Teams and Groups Discovery Task wizards offer more granular control of the collection of statistics for messages, plans and tasks. The following options are available:
  • Collect Message statistics for Teams
  • Collect Plan and Task statistics for Teams
  • Collect Plan and Task statistics for Groups
  • Collect Plan and Task statistics for Teams and Groups

The additional information collected by the Collect Statistics Task that are started by selecting one or more of these options are used in the migration process for teams and groups, and helps improve the performance of the migration task.

September 16, 2021

Table 9: New features

Module Feature Description
OneDrive Migration Migration destination folder You can now specify a destination folder in the target tenant where all OneDrive files will be migrated. The following option is now available in the Migration Options step of the New OneDrive Migration Task wizard.

Relative folder path - specify the relative path to a folder where the OneDrive contents will be migrated.

Table 10: Enhancements

Module ID Description
OneDrive migration 287908 The ability to migrate all versions of OneDrive files has been restored in the New OneDrive Migration Task wizard. You can select the following option in the Versions Options step of the wizard.

All versions - The latest version of the file will be migrated, and all previous versions of the file will be migrated if the latest version does not exceed a specified size limit.

Teams Migration 273225 The Migration Options step in the New Migration Task wizard has been simplified. When migrating Teams, you can now choose from the following options:
  • Channel Posts(Messages) - Migrate the posts or messages in a channel.
  • Channel Files - Migrate the files, attachments, OneNote, Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps in the channel.
  • Planner - Migrate the Planner buckets, tasks, comments and the corresponding Planner tabs in teams.
  • Group Mailbox - Migrate the Microsoft 365 Group mailbox.

Table 11: Resolved Issues

Module ID Description
Mail Migration 4928286-1 License assignment cannot be skipped for Hybrid shared mailbox

September 09, 2021

Table 12: Enhancements

Module ID Description
OneDrive migration 251642 The New OneDrive Migration Task offers a more granular set of options to define the file versions that can be migrated. The following settings and options are now available when you choose to migrate more versions:
  • Number of versions - sets the maximum number of version to migrate.
  • Size limit - sets the limit for the latest file version. All other versions are migrated if the latest version does not exceed this limit.
  • Latest version and preceding versions - Migrates the latest version and the preceding versions in chronological order restricted to the size limit of the latest version.
  • Latest version and daily latest from preceding days - Migrates the latest version and the latest version from each preceding day restricted to the size limit of the latest version.

September 01, 2021

Table 13: New features

Module Feature Description
Teams Migration Merge and migrate Chat messages The following options are available in the Chat migration wizard:

Migrate chats with unmatched users - this option lets you migrate chats that include users who are not mapped or matched with user accounts in the target tenant. Use this option if there are user accounts in chat messages that are redundant because the user accounts will not been mapped, matched or migrated to the target account.

Skip OneDrive status check - this option lets you ignore any verification of OneDrive accounts and results in faster chat migration. Chat messages of users will be migrated regardless of their OneDrive status in the target tenant. However, links to OneDrive files attached to chat messages will work when the OneDrive account has been migrated and the files are successfully migrated to the OneDrive account in the target tenant.

August 24, 2021

Table 14: Enhancements

Module ID Description
Mail migration 267969, 267973 The following new columns are available in the Account List View:
  • Sync Status - indicates whether the account is synchronized with the on-premise Active Directory or Azure Active Directory (In-Cloud). The tool tip displays the status value.
  • Type - account type as defined in Microsoft Active Directory: User accounts like Guest, Mailbox-enabled, Mail-enabled and Non-mail-enabled; Resource mailboxes like Equipment, Room, Scheduled and Shared; Groups like Distribution, Mail-enabled-security, Microsoft 365 (not associated with teams), Security and Teams.

You can filter the list of accounts using the Environment filter for the Sync Status column and Type filter for the Type column.

August 05, 2021

Table 15: New features

Module Feature Description
Teams Migration Discover Chats for mapped users The New Discovery Task for Chats has two options to better manage the discovery process:
  • Check all users - every user account will be checked for private chats.
  • Check matched users only - user accounts that have a matching tenant UPN will be checked. All other accounts will be ignored.
Teams Migration Merge and migrate Chat messages The New Migration Task for Chats has the option to merge and migrate messages. Allowing messages to be merged results in faster migrations. Messages appear in the target tenant as a group of chats in the same chronological order as in the source.
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