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KACE Systems Management Appliance 13.1 Common Documents - Release Notes

Resolved Server issues

Resolved Server issues

The following is a list of server issues resolved in this release.

Table 4. Resolved server issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

Importing LDAP users with no prefix could result in error.


It was not possible to access the SSL Certificate Form if SSL was enabled.


Error was seen when applying a manually created label to a device.


Offline patch package could be missing patch payloads.


Invalid LDAP labels in server settings could result in Oops page after logging in and forcing inventory.


Require organization selection at login setting was ignored.


Smart Labels imported across organizations were hidden under Label Management > Label.


SCAP scan results sometimes did not behave as expected.


Active Directory discovery schedule process did not behave as expected when it was unable to bind to Active Directory.


Run Now from the Script Detail page sometimes did not work as expected.


In a non-US locale, some numbers, like currency, could contain a comma and result in an error.


An error could be reported if All Locales were selected under Security > Windows Feature Updates > Subscriptions.


On the Networking Settings page, it was not possible to clear the Enable SMTP Remote Server (Outbound Relay) option and save the changes.


Error was seen when generating the Device+Software Catalog - Executables Inventory wizard report in the System Administration Console or Administrator Console.


Reset Tries from the Patch Catalog list page Choose Action menu required clicking Yes three times.


Inventory could fail when inventorying ESX device.


Error was seen when trying to search a quarantined device.


Windows Feature Update History was showing IDs instead of text.


Server: API requests that did not provide a user agent header always failed.


Expired software license asset user notifications were generated for licenses with no expiration date set.


You must download a catalog to title application message was showing after downloading the catalog.


Windows Feature Updates Catalog Missing column count was inaccurate.


Saving a patch schedule with special characters in messages showed escape characters in the patch notification.


Creating a report from the Asset History list page was missing value 2.


The Disable network traffic option was not available if Defender status is disabled or another anti-virus was running.


Dell Updates Smart Label creation could take a long time.


Task chains with a patch job as the second task did not always behave as expected.


Schedule info did not show correctly after disabling a Linux Package Upgrade Schedule.


NOTE: The option Enable webserver compression is removed from Settings > Control Panel > Security Settings in this release.

Resolved KACE Agent issues

Resolved KACE Agent issues

The following is a list of KACE Agent issues resolved in this release.

Table 5. Resolved KACE Agent issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

KACE agent MSI installer used different product ID when installing non-English Windows.


Known issues

Known issues

The following issues are known to exist at the time of this release.

Known issue

Issue ID

Agentless inventory of macOS 12 incorrectly shows two volumes mounted to '/'.


Manually provisioning an SNMP device from Discovery Results page shows missing settings when SNMP walk is selected and that walk failed.


Nmap discovery type with TCP or UDP port scan options selected does not return opened ports.


Device Actions can sometimes fail when accessing them through a direct URL.


Login field does not update after user authenticates through SAML and the mapping was changed.


Large metering data can cause page to load slowly.


Managed Install snooze time is ignored. Snooze option does not reappear until next inventory interval.


Managed Install attempts used up during inventory when user alert is snoozed.


System requirements

System requirements

The minimum version required for installing KACE Systems Management Appliance 13.1 is 13.0. If your appliance is running an earlier version, you must update to the listed version before proceeding with the installation.

The minimum version required for upgrading the KACE Agent is 11.0. We recommend that you always use the same version of the agent and the KACE Systems Management Appliance.

Starting in version 12.0 of the appliance, earlier KACE Agent versions, such as 11.1, must be signed specifically for your appliance version. For example, if you are using KACE Agent 11.1 with the 12.1 version of the appliance, you must obtain and install the KACE Agent 11.1 KBIN file that is signed with the 12.1 appliance key. You can download signed KACE Agent KBIN files from the KACE Systems Management Appliance Software Downloads page.

NOTE: The KACE Agent RPM package can be installed on managed SUSE Linux devices only when the libxslt-tools package is installed before the agent package.

To check the appliance version number, log in to the Administrator Console and click Need Help. In the help panel that appears, at the bottom, click the circled 'i' button.

Before upgrading to or installing version 13.1, make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements. These requirements are available in the KACE Systems Management Appliance technical specifications.

End of support for Dell 12G physical servers

11th and 12th Generation Dell PowerEdge (R610/R410/R420) servers are no longer supported. Any attempts to upgrade the appliance using this hardware result in failure. Contact your KACE Sales Representative to plan for a migration to a virtual platform.

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