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Foglight for Hyper-V 6.1.0 - User Guide

About Hyper-V Monitoring in Foglight Evolve Cloud Agent administration Performance monitoring with the Hyper-V Environment dashboard Performance investigation with the Hyper-V Explorer Hyper-V Monitoring in Foglight Evolve Cloud alarms Appendix: Hyper-V Agent error codes

User privileges required for monitoring agents

Hyper-V Monitoring in Foglight Evolve Cloud requires the following configuration prerequisites:

NOTE: Follow the Microsoft documentation to add a user to the SCVMM administrator role
NOTE: Follow the Microsoft documentation to add a member to a local group

Configurations required for collecting data from VMs resided on SMB server

To collect the complete data of virtual machines that are resided on the SMB server, make sure to do the following:

Open krb5.config under the FGLAM_HOM\state\default\config directory, set "forwardable=true" in libdefaults.
Click Delegation, and then select the Trust this computer for delegation to specified services only option and ensure you select the Use Kerberos Only option.
In the Service box, click Add and select the Hyper-V target host computer, and then select cifs from the list of services that show up.

Hyper-V Monitoring in Foglight Evolve Cloud WinRM GPO script

The GPO script is provided to allow for a streamlined deployment, including how to configure Windows Remote Management (WinRM). Users must run the script as the Administrator on the AD controller which is enabled on Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2. They must enable WinRM for all the Hyper-V® servers through one time setup at Domain Controller, login to just one Domain Controller, and change the group policy by running an automation script.

The script creates a group policy object and links it to the specific OU (specified by running the script). The policy has the following settings:

These settings can be observed in the Group Policy Management console by selecting the policy object.

Agent administration

The Administration tab of the Hyper-V Environment dashboard contains links to agent administration tasks that you can use to manage Hyper-V agent instances, set the alarm sensitivity, and review and remove Hyper-V objects.

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