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DR Series DR4300 - Owner's Manual

DR4300 system overview Technical specifications Initial system setup and configuration Pre-operating system management applications
Options to manage the pre-operating system applications System Setup Dell Lifecycle Controller Boot Manager PXE boot
Installing and removing system components
Safety instructions Before working inside your system After working inside your system Recommended tools Front bezel (optional) System cover Cooling shroud Cooling fans Cooling-fan assembly System memory Processors and heat sinks PCIe card holder Cable retention bracket Integrated storage controller card Expansion cards and expansion card riser Internal dual SD module (optional) Network daughter card Internal USB memory key (optional) System battery Power supply units (PSU) System board Trusted Platform Module Hard drives Hard drive backplane SD vFlash card (optional) Control panel assembly
Using system diagnostics Jumpers and connectors Troubleshooting your system

Quick Sync indicator codes

Figure 7. Quick Sync

This figure shows the Quick Sync status indicator.

Table 9. Quick Sync indicator codes

Quick Sync indicator pattern


Slow blink

Quick Sync is waiting to be configured from iDRAC.


Quick Sync is ready to transfer.

Blinks three times rapidly and then turns off

Quick Sync feature is disabled from iDRAC.

Blinks continuously when the mobile device touches antenna

Indicates data transfer activity.

Blinks rapidly continuously when the activation button is pressed

Quick Sync hardware is not responding properly.

Turns off

Indicates that the Quick Sync feature is turned off. Use the activation button to activate it. If pressing the activation button does not turn on the LEDs, it indicates that power is not delivered to the Quick Sync bezel.

Locating Service Tag of your system

Your system is identified by a unique Express Service Code and Service Tag number. The Express Service Code and Service Tag are found on the front of the system by pulling out the information tag. Alternatively, the information may be on a sticker on the chassis of the system. This information is used by Dell to route support calls to the appropriate personnel.

Documentation matrix

The documentation matrix describes documents for setting up and managing your system.

Table 10. Documentation matrix


Refer to...

Install your system into a rack

Rack documentation included with your rack solution.

Set up your system and know the system technical specifications

Getting Started With Your System that shipped with your system also located at

Troubleshoot the system and install or replace system components

DR4300 System Owner’s Manual at

Manage DR Series system data backup and replication operations

DR Series System Command Line Reference Guide at

Know the latest information about new features and known issues with a specific product release.

DR Series System Release Notes at

Gather information about supported hardware and software versions for the Dell DR Series system.

DR Series System Interoperability Guide at

Deploy the virtual DR2000v system on supported virtual platforms.

DR2000v Deployment Guide at

Configure, manage, update, and restore the system

DR Series System Administrator Guide at

Install the operating system

Operating system documentation at

Get an overview of the Dell Systems Management offerings

Dell OpenManage Systems Management Overview Guideat

Configure and log in to iDRAC, set up managed and management system, know the iDRAC features and troubleshoot using iDRAC

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller User's Guide at

Know about the RACADM subcommands and supported RACADM interfaces

RACADM Command Line Reference Guide for iDRAC and CMC at

Launch, enable and disable Lifecycle Controller, know the features, use and troubleshoot Lifecycle Controller

Dell Lifecycle Controller User’s Guide at

Use Lifecycle Controller Remote Services

Dell Lifecycle Controller Remote Services Quick Start Guide at

Set up, use, and troubleshoot OpenManage Server Administrator

Dell OpenManage Server Administrator User’s Guide at

Install, use, and troubleshoot OpenManage Essentials

Dell OpenManage Essentials User’s Guide at

Know the features of the storage controller cards, deploy the cards, and manage the storage subsystem

Storage controller documentation at

Check the event and error messages generated by the system firmware and agents that monitor system components

Dell Event and Error Messages Reference Guide at

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

The technical and environmental specifications of your system are outlined in this section.

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