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Change Auditor 7.4 - Web Client User Guide

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Overview Page


The Overview provides access to valuable information about Change Auditor and the events being captured. From here, you can view Change Auditor data in one of two modes:

Slideshow mode which rotates through a set of predefined overview panes.
Custom Views mode which allows you to create a custom view to display only the overview panes you are interested in seeing.

Slideshow mode

The slideshow mode is the default mode when the Overview page is initially displayed. In this mode, predefined overview panes are displayed, six to a screen, rotated based on the interval specified on the Slideshow Options page of the Client Settings dialog.

Use the tool bar buttons across the top of the Overview page to scroll through the overviews and to switch to the custom view mode:

Custom Views

Select to switch to the custom views mode where you can select the widgets (i.e., queries) to be displayed.


Use to redisplay the previous six overview panes in the slideshow.

Pause | Play

Select Pause to stop the rotation and remain on the current page. Use Play to resume the rotation of the overview panes.


Use to display the next six overview panes in the slideshow.

Custom Views mode

Using the custom views mode you can specify the overview panes to be displayed as well as specify how and what is to be displayed in each of the selected overview panes. By default, the following overview panes are included in the initial custom view:

Use the tool bar buttons across the top of the Overview page to define the widgets (overview panes) to be included, refresh the client and to switch over to the slideshow mode:


Select to switch to the slideshow mode and rotate through all of the default overview panes.


Use to display the widgets list, from which you can select the queries to be included as overview panes in your custom view.


Use to refresh the screen to display the selected overview panes.

Expand All

Use to expand all collapsed overview panes in the current view.

Collapse All

Use to collapse all of the overview panes in the current view.

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