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Change Auditor 7.4 - Web Client User Guide

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XML tab

The XML tab displays the XML representation of the search criteria.

NOTE: The XML tab is hidden by default. To display this tab, select the Show XML Tab check box on the Searches page of the Client Settings dialog.

Search Results Page


When you run a search, a new Search Results page is added to the web client, where you can view the event records returned. As you run additional searches, they are listed with the main web pages under Search Results (visible when the left side menu is expanded).

The events returned as a result of a search, can be viewed in one of two views:

Data grid view

The Data grid view is the default view whenever a Search Results page (or Overview Drilldowns page) is opened. This view consists of the following main components:

Search results grid: The main display area of a Search Results page that displays the events captured as a result of running a search from the Searches page.
Event Details pane: The pane displayed across the bottom of a Search Results page that contains additional details about the event selected in the Search Results grid.

Use the tool bar buttons on the page to modify the default display, which contains the Search Results grid and Event Details pane.

Search Properties | Event Details

Click Search Properties to display the Search Properties tabs, replacing the Event Details pane across the bottom of the Search Results page.

Click Event Details to redisplay the Event Details pane.


Click to display the search results as event markers in a Timeline view instead of a list of events in the Data Grid view.


Click to display a list of columns that can be shown or hidden in the Search Results grid. Checked columns will be displayed in the grid; cleared columns will not appear in the grid.


Click to print the search results.

Print to File

Click to save the search results to a csv or pdf file.


Click to close the Search Results page.

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