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Change Auditor 7.4 - Web Client User Guide

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Auditing Tasks (Administration Tasks Page)


The following sections describe the pages and tasks available through the Auditing task list of the Administration Task page. The auditing pages allow you to enable and disable events, define custom auditing definitions for your Active Directory forest, define auditing for different types of applications within your environment, create auditing templates that can then be assigned to agent configurations to enable custom server-level auditing, and create auditing templates for NAS devices. For a full description of all the options and fields available on the Auditing tasks pages, refer to the appropriate Change Auditor user guide.

The Auditing task list is divided into the following separate task lists:


The tasks under this heading are used for configuring the events to captured and the accounts to exclude from auditing.

See the following administration task descriptions for more information:

Audit Events

You can enable and disable the auditing of individual events so that Change Auditor audits only those events that are vital to your organization’s operation. In addition, you can modify the severity level (high, medium, or low) and description assigned to each event. Change Auditor uses the severity level when processing events to help you in determining the potential level of risk associated with each configuration change event.

The Audit Events page is displayed when Audit Events is selected from the Auditing task list in the navigation pane of the Administration Tasks page, and it lists all the events available for auditing by Change Auditor. It displays the facility to which the event belongs, the event severity, if the event is enabled or disabled and the required Change Auditor license.



Use to display different fields on the Audit Events page.


Use to edit the description of the selected event.

High | Medium | Low

Use to change the severity of the selected event.


Use to enable the selected event.


Use to disable the selected event.


Use to reset the selected event’s severity, description, and enable or disable status back to the factory defaults.

Knowledge Base

Use to launch the knowledge base entry for the selected event.

Right-click commands are also available when you right-click an event in the grid. In addition to the event-related actions, you can also change the results criteria for capturing an event.

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