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Change Auditor 7.4 - Web Client User Guide

Install Change Auditor Web Client Web Client Overview Overview Page Shared Overviews Administration Page Searches Page Search Results Page Administration Tasks Page Configuration Tasks (Administration Tasks Page) Auditing Tasks (Administration Tasks Page) Protection Tasks (Administration Tasks Page) Change Auditor Client Comparison

Start Page

From the Start page, you can view and access relevant information regarding Change Auditor including news and updates, support, and knowledge base content, online documentation, links to the latest releases, and essential contact links.

If you do not want to see this page each time that you open the web client, then clear the Display this page each time I log in option. One this option has been cleared, the next time you log in you will be directed automatically to the Overview page. However, we suggest you keep the Start page active as it contains the most up-to-date access to the supporting information you may require.

Web client components

The Change Auditor web client consists of the following components allowing you to navigate through the client and define the content to be displayed:

Heading bar

The heading bar, at the top of each web page, contains links to the Quest Software website, web client settings, and general information about the web client:

Click the <Username> in the upper right corner and select Sign Out to disconnect from the web client.

Main web pages

The Change Auditor web client consists of the following main web pages:

Start Page

Provides up-to-date product information.

Overview Page

Provides a rotating view of predefined overview panes and allows you to customize your own view of Change Auditor activity.

Shared Overviews Administration Page

Allows you to define custom views which can be shared with other users.

Searches Page

Allows you to run searches and create custom searches to retrieve events captured in the Change Auditor database.

Administration Tasks Page

Allows you to perform a variety of administration tasks.

To open one of these pages, click the arrow on the upper left of each page, directly beneath the Quest logo, to expand a list of the main web pages.

When a search is run, an extra page is added:

Search Results Page - displays details about the events retrieved from the Change Auditor database.

When a hot spot or hypertext link is selected within an overview pane, an extra page is added:

Overview drilldowns page - displays more details based on the hot spot or hypertext link selected in an overview pane. This additional page could contain a Search Results page, Agent Statistics page, or Coordinator Statistics page.
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