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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - User Guide

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Click Copy, and select More Folders.
The dialog box Copy 1 message(s) to folder opens.


Tags provide a way of categorizing email messages within Archive Manager. This allows you and your organization to share and access your email data more effectively.

To view the tags associated with a message, click Tags.

Click Tags and select Add new tags.
Click Submit.

We recommend message tags be added only with the guidance or permission of your system administrator, since these are defined in the Administration area of Archive Manager.

Click Tags and select the tag you want to remove.
Click Yes to confirm.
NOTE: When you add or remove tags, the option Include Parent Messages will be available if you have the permission “Search All Emails”. This allows you to add tags to the messages you select and their parent messages (if any) at the same time, or to remove tags from messages and their parent messages. The parent message refers to the message that contains another message as attachment.


The Comment option of the message lets you add and view comments related to the selected message.

Click Comment.
Click Add Comment to save your comment.

View Images

When a message body is reconstructed in the Archive Manger website, a security risk exists when the message body contains external references such as images or cascading style sheets. The Archive Manager website blocks all references to external resources beginning with http:// and https://, except for hyperlinks.

To view the linked images, click View Images in the Toolbar.

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