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Archive Manager 5.9.1 - User Guide

Getting started with Archive Manager Searching email Working with messages Standard mailboxes Custom mailboxes My Search Log report Working with hosted Exchange mailboxes

Getting started with Archive Manager


Archive Manager’s main screen display appears when you log in. These tabs are contained in the left sidebar of the screen:

Standard Mailboxes: Typically this will be the Mailbox that corresponds to your email address. If you have access to other users' Mailboxes, they will also appear in the list. For example, the mailboxes that have been delegated to you will show up with a [delegated] icon. See the Standard mailboxes section for more information.
Custom Mailboxes: You can use custom Mailboxes to group related messages together. See the Custom mailboxes section for more information.
Saved Searches: Your saved searches will appear in this tab where you can execute a search by clicking the title of the saved search. See the Saving and reusing searches section for more information.

The Email Search area, to the right of the sidebar, contains an Email Search form where most of your searches take place, and where the results of your searches and reports are displayed. See the Searching email section for more information.

These options are provided by the drop down menu in the top right corner of the screen:

Administration: Redirects you to the Administration Website. Refer to the Administration Guide for more information.
My Search Log: By default, users are granted the User security role. In this case, they will only see the My Search Log report. Other reports are available in the Administration Website depending upon your access permissions. See the My Search Log report section for more information.
Change Password: You can change your Archive Manager password in this area for users created in Archive Manager. The Active Directory Connector will overwrite Archive Manager when populating password data from the mail server.
NOTE: The Change Password option is not visible when you access from a mobile device.
Help: Opens the online Archive Manager documentation.
Logout: Logs out of your account.

How do I?

This section guides you through some of the common functions that you might want to use within Archive Manager and is intended to help you become familiar with some of the ways that it can be used.

Do an investigation

Archive Manager is ideal for you if you need to sift through email as part of an investigation: in the Email Search area, you can simply enter your required search criteria and Archive Manager will list all the matching messages and/or attachments.

With Archive Manager you can search the full text of emails and attachments, or restrict searches to specific fields. Tags and comments related to a specific investigation or project are able to be assigned to messages to further refine investigations.

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