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Archive Manager for Exchange 8.9 - Administration Guide

Introduction About the Administration Center Tools, Options and Settings Manager view Status view Archive view Post Processing Advanced Search Appendix

Scheduling group archiving

The group which you want to be archived automatically has to be allowed to archive and a job must be assigned to it (see the section "How to archive emails of a group via a job”). Without activating it and having assigned a job to it, a group will not be allowed to archive automatically. It can, however, be archived manually (see the chapter Archive view).


NOTE: Groups allowed to archive are displayed green. An icon of a group for which the archiving option has been activated, yet with no job assigned to it, is displayed green with an exclamation mark (!), to notify the administrator (see below).


Automating folder archiving

Let’s say you have set the automated archiving for a group, yet you want to exclude/include some of the folders for automated archiving. To do so, follow these steps:

1.In Manager view click on the Groups tab.

2.In the left pane select the group and double-click it to open its Properties window.

3.In the Properties window, click on the General tab to make sure that the Allow to archive checkbox is selected. Then click on the Scheduler tab to verify whether a job was assigned. Then click on the Folders tab.

4.On this tab configure your settings in two sections:

·Include folders – only the added folder will be archived. All its subfolders and other folders will be excluded from automated archiving. To include subfolders, use asterisk:

<folder>* - Folder and all its subfolders will be archived

<folder>/* - Only subfolders will be archived.

·Exclude folders – added folder nor its subfolders will be archived


NOTE:  Use a slash "/" as a path separator in both sections.

5.Click OK.


EXAMPLE: If you define for example the Inbox as an exclude folder, neither of its subfolders is processed. Provided that you want to exclude Inbox but archive its subfolders, add the Inbox as: Inbox/*. Click Apply and then OK. The respective folders will be excluded from automated archiving.

Displaying group members

To check group members:

1.In Manager view, click on the Groups tab.

2.In the left pane, right-click a group and, in its context menu, click Show members.


3.A list of group members will be displayed.

Settings tab

On the Settings tab in Manager view you may specify additional useful settings. We will describe what the upper and lower limit values are used for, etc.

·Threshold settings

·Clients Permissions

·Retention assignment

·Shortcut templates

·Shortcut template assignment

·Message Classes

·Notification settings


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