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Power365 Current - Release Notes

Release Notes

Binary Tree® Power365® 20.12.15

Release Notes

May 21, 2024

Binary Tree Power365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite that includes the following solutions:

  • Binary Tree Power365 Directory Sync

    Binary Tree Power365 Directory Sync can set up and maintain an Active Directory sync, an Microsoft Entra ID sync, or even a sync between Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID. Users in merging organizations can find each other in a unified Global Address List (GAL).

  • Binary Tree Power365 Migration

    Binary Tree Power365 Migration lets you migrate mailboxes, archives, and content for Office 365 tenant migrations, for a secure, cloud-based transformation experience. With Binary Tree Power365 Migration, you also have the option to migrate OneDrive, OneNote, and SharePoint content as well as migrate from on-premises or hosted Exchange environments.

  • Binary Tree Power365 Integration

    Binary Tree Power365 Integration introduces Day One collaboration capabilities to manage multiple Office 365 tenants by removing communication blockers that create challenges for end-users. This powerful tenant to tenant migration solution enables users in different tenants to share a common address list and view calendar availability while their mail and Office 365 workloads are being migrated.

    It includes the capabilities of Binary Tree Power365 Migration and adds the ability to unify tenant address lists and calendar availability lookups as well as migrate Microsoft Teams, Groups and public folders.

  • Binary Tree Power365 Integration Pro

    Binary Tree Power365 Integration Pro is a comprehensive solution for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration and integration. It unifies email domains and user collaboration across tenants while you migrate. This enterprise solution enables you to completely move users, workloads, directories and domains between enterprise environments without disrupting business.

    Binary Tree Power365 Integration Pro includes all of the functionality of the Binary Tree Power365 Migration and Binary Tree Power365 Integration solutions and adds the ability to unify email addresses across tenants and to move domains without downtime.

  • Binary Tree Power365 for Active Directory

    Binary Tree Power365 for Active Directory enables you to migrate Active Directory to accelerate your enterprise M&A and modernization initiatives. Binary Tree Power365 for Active Directory is a solution that integrates and migrates Active Directory, Microsoft Entra ID, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers.


These release notes provide information about the Binary Tree Power365 release.





The following is a list of enhancements implemented in this deployment.

General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
The ability to select the displayed columns in the Devices and Serves view has been added. Select the gear icon above the "Ready Devices" list to select the columns to display. 45819
The ability to remove an Autopilot-provisioned device from Entra ID has been added. 47740
The ability to set Intune Primary User after the Device Cutover has been added.


Initial release of Migration for Active Directory Express is now generally available. n/a

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of this deployment.

Tenant-to-Tenant known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
Target MailUsers will be hidden from the GAL during cloud migrations after they have been prepared and until they have been provisioned. A matched target Mailbox will continue to be visible in the GAL after being prepared. 8125

Power365® does not support migration of the following mailbox settings at this time:

  • OWA:

    • Configuration

    • Time Zone

    • Work Hours

    • Signature

    • View Settings

  • Work Hours

  • Out of Office Settings

  • Calendar Configuration

  • Safe/Blocked Senders from Junk Email Rule

  • High Resolution User Photo (Root of the Mailbox)

  • Clutter Opt-In

  • Quick Steps

  • External Calendar Sharing

  • Mailbox Shortcuts to Shared Mailbox folders

The Power365 mail migration engine supports migration of an archive to an archive only. Mailbox to an archive or archive to a mailbox migration is not supported. 7988
The Power365 mail migration engine does not support migration of client-side delegates or delegation for groups. 7989
The Power365 mail migration engine does not support Modern attachments (links to OneDrive files).  
A duplicate source folder exception occurs when the same folder is copied multiple times as part of multiple migrations. 8002
Power365 only supports Free/Busy lookup when the recipient is being selected from the GAL. 8003
Signed and encrypted messages will not be rewritten by the email rewrite service (ERS). 8004
Additional custom SMTPs added to groups (outside of the email address policy) are not migrated during Group Sync. 8010
When using Directory Sync Lite, nested groups that exist in the target cloud only cannot be synced as group members. 8012
When Power365 creates groups using Directory Sync Lite, the groups will be created in the target on-premises hybrid exchange environment automatically, regardless of the origin of the source group. 8013
Accepted Senders (within Delivery Management) and Moderation settings (in Message Approval) are not migrated by Power365 Group Sync. 8014
MailTips (msExchSenderHintTranslations AD property) are not migrated by Power365 Directory Sync. 8015
Discoverability by Power365 may be delayed for new groups or recent updates to existing groups. This is due to delays in graph returning updated information. 8016
If a "matched" group is manually deleted from the target Exchange forest, the matching status in Power365 is not removed. This may result in errors during the group sync, as Power365 believes the target group already exists. 8017
Source mailbox retention policies and retention tags applied at the folder level are not copied to the target mailbox during mail migration. 8027
Power365 does not support changes to the mail-enabled folder's display name on the target. 8029
Contacts that are linked may not be copied during the mail migration if the PidLidIsContactLinked property is true and the linked ID points to an address hidden from the GAL. 8034
Prepare Job will fail if Power365 Directory Sync finds an existing contact object in the target tenant that is not created by DirSync. 8036
Hidden Public Folders will not be provisioned or migrated. 8039
Messages filtered with Azure Information Rights Management (IRM) will be migrated, but they will not be accessible by the end user. Messages encrypted with Office365 message encryption will be migrated, but they will need to be opened and decrypted via the web browser using the original source mailbox credentials. 8041
Hidden folders are not copied during mailbox migration. 8047
For on-premises migration projects, if a user is renamed in the on-premises environment after the upload has completed, Power365 will be unable to migrate that user. The migration will have to be deleted, and re-uploaded. 8052
If the Discovery Hold (eDiscovery in Office 365) hasn't been enabled, the DiscoveryHold folder will not exist in the Target. DiscoveryHold is a system folder which Power365 does not create. Migration of Litigation Hold settings isn't possible in this scenario. 8054

If there are any items in the purges folder that are within the retention period the item can't be deleted, therefore errors will appear in the logs. The overall status of rollback job will be successful. The purges folder isn't visible to the user. See the below link for information about the retention period settings, which defaults to 14 days.


If the Outlook Categories XML configuration file gets corrupted, the categories will not be copied, however the rest of the sync will continue, and will still be marked as completed if no other errors occur.

Workaround: A workaround would be to open Outlook and edit the categories in any way, which would cause the XML file to be rewritten.

EWS access policies are not currently supported in Power365. (8061) 8061
Mail migration cannot be performed on mailboxes that are assigned an Office365 Kiosk License as MAPI connection is disabled for this license type. As a workaround, assign the mailbox an E1 or higher license during the migration, and then revert to the kiosk license. 8062
For on-premises migration projects, any user “Receive-As” permissions are not copied to the target. (Note: “Send-As” permissions ARE copied.) 8063
For on-premises migration projects (“on-premises to cloud”, or “cloud to on-premises”), any source forwarding addresses will not be set on the target. 8064
If the Shared Mailbox has In-Place archive or litigation hold enabled, an Exchange Online Plan 1 or Plan 2 license is required. Therefore, the target mailbox may also require a license. More information from Microsoft can be found here: 8094
The incorrect domain is selected as the default domain for the Public Folder domain mappings. When the default domain is calculated, the initial domain (IsInitial) is set as default instead of the default domain (IsDefault). 8096
Public Folder domain mappings are case-sensitive. The DomainName value in the database can be set to lowercase to work around this issue. 8097
PowerBI reporting is not available outside of the US. (8103) 8103
Due to an Outlook bug, duplicate rules are added to the target when rules are viewed or edited using Outlook. 14613
Mailbox migrations will fail if the PowerShell User and the Archive and User Mailboxes are in different Exchange Online regions. 16982, 16983
Holiday calendars may be duplicated in the target mailbox after migration if the OWA holiday calendar is enabled. 19542
The assigned owner of tasks is not updated with the target username after migration, the owner will remain the source username. 7990
Although address translation in Power365 will work for attached messages in the .MSG format, it does not work for messages in .EML format or calendar attachments in iCal format. Any attached messages in .EML format or appointments in iCal that are migrated will still have the source display name and SMTP address after migration. 7991
If a contact with a birthday or anniversary appointment is migrated, and the birthday or anniversary date is changed, the corresponding appointment on the calendar is not updated and a new appointment will be created with the new birthday or anniversary date and the old appointment is retained. 7992
A Contact linked to a user that is migrated does not migrate with the link. 7993
After migrating a mailbox with conversation history, the "From" and the Subject for the conversation history items are being left as-is with the source user names still visible in the conversation history items. 7995
After the mailbox migration completes, the Skype for Business Meeting URL and Voice Mail Message listed in appointments and meetings will not be translated with target tenant information. The Skype for Business Meeting URL will be invalid once the source tenant is switched off. 7996
Birthday calendar appointments may be duplicated in the target mailbox after migration if the OWA Birthday calendar is enabled. 7997
When a calendar request is migrated, the "Accept" button does not add the calendar to the target user's Outlook/OWA. 8000
When using "Reply All" to a migrated conversation history message the source user's name is added to the recipient list. 7994
Internet calendars are migrated to "My Calendars" instead of "Other Calendars" Any updates to the internet calendars are not received as they are no longer internet calendars on the target. 7998
Not all Internet, Sharepoint, and Shared calendars for all Outlook versions are migrated. Users must manually re-add any calendars they have permissions to after the migration is complete. 7999
Folder permissions are not removed on the target when the permissions are removed on the source and synced again. 8025
Junk mail rules are not copied to the target. 8026
During mailbox sync and cutover, OOF (Out of Office) Rules, Junk Email Rules, Sweep Rules, and any client-side Rules cannot be read in the source tenant or written to the target tenant. Note that most mailbox server-side inbox rules and OOF settings are synchronized. 8734, 8735

The following server-side inbox rules cannot be synced:

  • Action "Pin to Top"(Outlook Web Access only)

  • Action "Apply retention policy"

  • Condition "Classified as"(Outlook Web Access only)

  • Condition "From any RSS feed"

  • Condition "From any RSS feed with xxx in the title"

Migration does not work if an on-premises user has an online archive. 8046
In a hybrid environment with a "Basic" project, Power365 cannot automatically enable the archive for on-premises source users. Upgrade to a Power365 "Advanced Migration" or "Premium Integration" project, or, as a manual workaround, enable each archive manually. 8051

OneDrive for Business content migration will not be successful, unless the user opens OneDrive for Business from the, if the following is true:

  • The target user was prepared and synced with OneDrive for Business enabled.

  • The target tenant administrator deletes the target user and mailbox.

  • The target mailbox was then recreated and provisioned with OneDrive for Business.

When there is a Preservation Policy enabled in the Target tenant One Drive or OneNote syncs will fail. 8126
OneDrive for Business content does not sync when using the Advanced from File project type. 8131
OneDrive for Business migration does not sync the "Restricted View" sharing permission during Cutover. 8120
The OneDrive for Business sync will not start during Cutover if the target user's UPN has changed. 8132
For OneDrive for Business migrations, an error message is not logged when you attempt to migrate a file currently in use. 8088
Full discovery is needed to detect OneDrive for Business changes. 8085
Power365 will discover the user’s OneDrive used storage size and quota based on SharePoint’s current information. The used storage size reflects all used space, including the Recycle Bin. Power365 does not migrate the user’s recycle bin therefore comparing used storage between source and target users does not indicate the success of a user’s OneDrive migration. 8117
OneNote data being edited in the source during a OneDrive for Business migration will log an "item has active edits" error. 8116
During OneNote cutover, if a Notebook is open in the source, edits will not be reflected in the target when cutover completes. 8118
OneNote fails to sync when the source is a Team that was converted from an Office 365 Group and the target is an Office 365 Group. 8130
Microsoft Teams/Office 365 Group OneNote pages are not synced at this time. 17201
OneDrive for Business migration does not set the folder/files containing shareable links to the matched users in the source. 8086
Some Site Permissions Levels such as Full Control, Design and Edit are not fully migrated during the OneDrive for Business Final Cutover Sync Job. The default level assigned to the target during migration is the “Contribute” permission level. Read and Contribute permission levels are migrated successfully to the target. 8087
OneDrive for Business migration does not set permission inheritance flag correctly. 8090
OneDrive for Business quotas are not set or enforced in the source and target. 8091
The OneDrive for Business migration report does not contain permissions that cannot be applied because there is not a matching target user in the target tenant. 8092
The Admin will be listed as last modifying a migrated OneDrive for Business item instead of the actual migrating user. 8089
When enabled, the OneDrive backup feature may duplicate OneDrive known folders (desktop, documents, photos). 16747
OneDrive for Business syncs fail if Legacy Authentication is disabled. 21302
The Admin is removed as an owner in target when Admin is a co-owner of the Office 365 Group in source. 16763
The Get-BTWorkflowLog cmdlet does not support the -Filter parameter. 8136
The Set-BTEnvironment -SkipUserDiscovery PowerShell command can only specify the parameter with numerical values as the boolean value (1=True, 0=False). If a user mistakenly attempts to enter a numerical value such as "16", the setting will get set to True because the "1" will be accepted as the boolean value. 18881
Folder permissions that are removed from the source are not updated on the target when synchronized. 8008
If a Source user is deleted after being discovered, Power365 will not process the deletion. The user will remain in the UI and in the Target if previously prepared. An error is received when a user is deleted on the Source or Target and the migration (Sync) is run again. 8009
An error message is displayed and the subfolder on the target is not deleted when the subfolder on the source is deleted and the migration is run again. 8018
The Public Folder engine will not rewrite source folder email address to target folder email address during content copy. 8038
Power365 does not support public folder sync if the folder name contains a back slash (\). 8020
Public Folder content copying will not start if the Provision job reported an error when mail enablement failed. 8042
If a migrated public folder is renamed after the first synchronization, upon the next sync, the "Folder Renamed" count will be incorrectly incremented again. 8053
During Public Folder migration, the job can be archived when the status is "Syncing". 8023
Security group sync and Security group membership sync are not supported. Permission sync on Public Folders and mail folders will use matched users and mail-enabled security groups, but permissions to members of the mail-enabled security group will not be propagated unless the admin has set up the target security group to have the same members as the source. 8024
If ERS is disabled, the DKIM-Inbound rule is removed. Any custom actions of the DKIM-Inbound rule would need to be set up again if ERS is enabled. 8121
The group owner is displayed as the author of Team conversations entered by a member who has left the team when synced. 8127
Synchronized Team conversations display up to 15 user reactions only. 8128
When an Office 365 Group is converted to a Team or matched to an already existing Team in the target, OneDrive for Business syncs may remove channels from the target Team if they were created directly in the target. 8129
Microsoft Teams migrated conversation history does not display reactions, emoji, and file icons in Internet Explorer. 18304
Team syncs may take longer when creating new Private Channels if delays to access to the channel folders occur. 19000
Due to changes by Microsoft, migration of files for Private Channels is not currently supported. 19571
The Admin account is removed from the source and target regardless of whether the account was added or it was already an owner. To ensure that removal of temp permissions does not remove any actual owners, connect the source and target tenants using accounts that are not owners of any users, groups, or teams. 14227
The ERS user's SMTP address is not rewritten to the target SMTP address when they send on behalf of a non-ERS user. 8030
There is an issue in a project using the Address Rewrite Service (Email Rewriting) with a single source tenant and multiple target tenants. Messages sent from one of the targets ("Target A") that contain the source address of another target ("Target B"), will not be rewritten. 8050
ERS mailflow jobs do not remove connectors and rules on a tenant when the tenant is removed from the ERS-enabled project. 8098
If a member of the "DayOne" (BT-IntegrationPro-DayONE) email rewrite group is manually mailbox-enabled after the "Prepare" action has been run, rewrites from the target tenant will fail. As a workaround, when you manually mailbox-enable a mailuser, you must also manually move the mailuser's TargetEmailAddress to the mailbox's ForwardingSmtpAddress. If the mailbox's ForwardingSmtpAddress is empty, opt-in sync assumes the mailbox has already been cutover. 8071
Messages sent to a unified group in the source cannot be delivered during the Domain Move process. 8048
When performing a domain move, ensure that AzureADSync has synchronized all proxy addresses to the cloud before restoring the Office365 MX record. 8058
Directory Sync Lite does not remove the source email address if the object does not have a mail or ProxyAddress attribute value. 8100
The source email addresses of Office 365 Groups are not added to the target during a Domain Move. 8119
Free/Busy for Room and Resource meeting requests are displayed as tentative when the request is sent from the target tenant. 8007
Notification emails from Power365 may be delivered to the Junk Mail folder instead of the Inbox. 8019
Due to a limitation of Azure B2B, collaboration is not supported across national cloud boundaries. For example, if your Azure tenant is in the public, global cloud, you cannot invite a user as a guest whose account is in a national cloud. 22492
A timeout error is encountered in the Directory Sync Lite installer when attempting to connect to the SQL Server. 8028
When installing French or German versions of Power365 Directory Sync, the installation path, localized SSDT install helpers, and SQL installation screens appear in English. 8031
The Power365 Directory Sync Lite installer cannot install .NET 4.6.1 if the machine is not fully patched and updated. 8084
During cutover process, target contact's LegacyExchangeDN will be added to the target mailbox as a x500 address by Power365 DirSync, Microsoft Entra Connect Sync will need to sync these changes to O365 Tenant in the cloud. However, sometime the x500 address is not being stamped in the cloud object even though it was synced by Microsoft Entra Connect Sync per Entra Sync log. 8037
Users must run the Outlook/Desktop Setup Pro agent again if the cutover is stopped after the cutover message is sent and Outlook/desktop is already configured. 21819
An issue has been found where the Prepare job for users will fail, in the rare instance that a naming convention is used where the only difference between names is a special character. For example, Special#User and Special$User. 8067
Power365 will not update the msExchRecipientDisplayType,msExchRecipientTypeDetails and msExchRemoteRecipientType attributes if the target mailbox was already provisioned in the cloud directly. Since AADC Sync will not back-sync the changes to AD, the AD local object will not be shown as remote mailbox in the on-prem Exchange environment. 8123
Office 365 Groups created by Power365 cannot have aliases added to them using the Microsoft admin interface. Aliases can be added using PowerShell. 17431
ERS Opt-in Groups will be created in the target On-Prem Exchange Environment if the source group was added to a migration profile that has group sync set to continuous mode. 8035
Cutover email cannot be sent when EWS is set to use an Allow list. 8065
Outlook Setup Pro does not provide an error message when an incorrect password is entered for Outlook 2016 and the profile is created. 8083
Outlook Setup Pro incorrectly displays the profiles from Outlook 2013 if Outlook 2010 is currently installed and Outlook 2013 was previously installed. 19903
When Outlook Setup Pro is run, the cutover job log incorrectly displays the status information for OneDrive for Business and Teams. 223346
The Desktop Setup Pro agent displays "Success" for the status of Teams before the password for the Teams app is validated. 18743
Desktop Setup Pro cannot configure Outlook in Windows 7. 19823
Desktop Setup Pro appears as "OutlookAgent.exe" in Task Manager. 20718
When Desktop Setup Pro is run more than once, the results of additional runs are not recorded in the summary section of the Cutover job log. 21428
The content in the Planner is not migrated to the target when syncing Office 365 Groups. 8105
Email Rewrite Services (ERS) currently does not support Office 365 (Unified) Groups. Attempts to enable Unified Groups will fail. 8606
After Office 365 Group Mailbox migration, email attachments uploaded to the group files have broken links in the target. 8109
Cutover does not copy a Office 365 Group's direct access shares if the trustee is not a member of the group. 19957
DirSync does not enable user objects not created by DirSync. 8022
In a one-to-many migration scenario where the source tenant’s domain is being mapped to two different target domains in two different tenants in the same project, duplicate users will be created if Power365 is configured to create users. To remedy this, target users should be pre-created in the target tenants prior to the migration so source users can be properly matched with the target users. Alternatively, create a separate project for each tenant pair. 8045
The Tenant's Org Name is not updated by Discovery if the name is changed after the project is created. 8021
When a source tenant is removed from a project (by clicking the "X" next to tenant in the project wizard) the user migration records associated with the removed tenant are not removed. This could cause issues if future migration actions are attempted against the orphaned users. 8045
Only some nested groups used for group migration filtering are added during the first discovery pass. 8044
The source Room or Equipment Mailbox Capacity is only copied from the source to the target object during the Prepare action. Any changes to the source mailbox capacity will not be reflected during the migration or if Prepare was successfully completed. 8044
Automatic detection of deleted contacts is no longer support by Microsoft Graph. In order to remediate deleted contacts (for example, during a Domain Move), users will need to run a Reconcile discovery and then mark the un-discovered contacts as deleted or remove them from the database. 8124
Task request and reply messages are synced when the content filter is set to sync only task items. 8113
Auto-Expanding Archives are not supported due to the way that Office 365 spreads the data over multiple mail stores. A workaround to migrating such an archive is to export to PST and import manually via Outlook. More information about this issue can be found at and 8135
For Email from File project types only, a user’s UPN value must not be changed while the project is being configured via the wizard. Any changes to the UPN value during this process (before the "Submit" button) will cause the user's Exchange attribute to fail to be located. 8049
The SharePoint Admin Role will be added to the Binary Tree PowerShell account created during project setup when the client has the OneDrive license added to their account. This includes when using the Basic Migration Project. However, the Basic Migration Project does not support OneDrive migrations. Use the Advanced Migration or Premium Integration project type to migrate OneDrive. 8111
On Windows 10 Enterprise - Build 1511 and Internet Explorer version 11.589.10586.0, the Add Tenant window fails to close after authentication which prevents the tenant from being listed on the Project Wizard screen. 8005
The Power365 portal requires users to re-authenticate when the browser token expires. 8006
If a user, with Modern Authentication and MFA, selects the option to "Allow organization to manage this device", Teams will display the source user account instead of the target user account after Teams is reconfigured by Desktop Agent. 29957
Email Rewrite Service will always use the PrimarySMTPAddress to rewrite the messages.  Users with the Sending From Email Aliases feature turned on will have their email rewritten based on the target user's PrimarySMTPAddress.


Teams conversations under General or Public channels are not migrated. 37748
When ERS is disabled, external email addresses of MEU's are not removed. 40937
Delta changes for a Group will not be triggered by only adding only the Group Owner. In order to update the delta, a member must also be added. 42463
Cloud Rewrite workflows will not run when prepare jobs are queued for both hybrid and cloud-only target objects. 44319
Public Folders cannot be provisioned. Public Folder provisioning fails with an "Exception creating Remote PowerShell RunspacePool Source" error. 45351
Forwarding from mailbox cannot be removed if ERS was enabled using skip setting up forwarding. 47362

Directory Sync known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
An attempt to install an older version of the agent software will fail if a newer version has already been successfully installed. If, for some reason, the older version is needed, first uninstall the newer version, then remove all registry references to the agent. 8060
The agent installer cannot accept a password with a first character of !. 8122
When discovery discovers an environment, it will read in the OU structure of all domains within the forest. The UI will show all domains and you can select them for use in all workflows. However, if a DC for that domain is not included, or the agent account does not have read access to the objects, they will not be read into the database. 8077
Cloud Only Security Groups are not read in when reading a cloud endpoint. 22453
User thumbnail photos do not sync to cloud environments. 8069
The PowerShell User Group should be added to the Tenant Group Filter as the Group Owner. A security group should not be used. 8070
An account with access to all domains within the forest is needed if you want to sync all domains within a single forest with a single agent. Using an enterprise admin account is the most efficient method for doing this. 8073
Mapping functions do not work with multivalued attributes. For example, (results(proxyaddresses,"x500:") will not return a true even if an X500 address is present. 8075
When a workflow for a cloud environment has been run once, but then has been idle for longer than 30 days, an error will be encountered when the job starts, and the job will fail and loop repeatedly until the retry count has been reached. 8079
In the German and Chinese Office365 tenants, Directory Sync will always do full synchronizations because the delta sync functionality is not available in these local tenants. 8095
An "Object with ID xyz was not found" error may occur when reading recently created Azure guest users due to the longer length of time for guest users to propagate. 8101
Remote Mailboxes from the source are incorrectly created in the target as Users instead of MailUsers. 8102
Delta syncs are limited to 30 days. To avoid full synchronization, a read in should be performed for all cloud environments every 29 days or less. 8108
Password sync does not support AES hashes. 21796
A template configured to sync a binary attribute to a non-binary attribute will not sync correctly. For example, if syncing Binary (ThumbnailPhoto) to String(ExtensionAttribute), the target attribute will be synced as "System.Byte[]" instead of the expected binary value converted into a string. 15683
A security group cannot be used as a filter group. 8057
When using filter groups for Cloud environments you need to ensure that a group containing any newly created objects is present in the environment filter. This can be accomplished by having a source and target filter group with the same name so they will match and synchronize between the environments. If these objects are not read in after creation, they will not have any additional updates synchronized and they will not be matched. 8076
When synchronizing local AD groups to Office 365 as Office 365 groups (Unified Groups) any contact in the source group will record an error in the logs and the contact will not appear in the target group. 8081
Office 365 Group settings are not copied to the target Office 365 Group. 8104
Likes for Office 365 Group conversations are not migrated. 8122
Custom schema attributes can be added to template mappings but are not visible in the drop-down selection list. 8072
All domains within an Active Directory Forest are visible within an environment when adding a single domain even though the agent account credentials may not have access to all domains. 8074
The DS-Core-Propagation-Data attribute is not synchronized by Directory Sync. The DS-Core-Propagation-Data attribute is a system attribute which is used by the Active Directory service and cannot and should not be modified by anything other than the directory itself. 34400
The mapping does not update the mailnickname attribute of Non mail-enabled security groups. 34481
Attribute filters cannot be applied to Security Groups. 14933
Cloud Environments that use Object Filter Exclusion options may see Unlicensed or Disabled Accounts read in when configured to Exclude Unlicensed or Disabled Accounts. This is because the AccountDisabled and SKUAssigned properties in Exchange Online Management are not always updated to reflect the true state of the object in Office365. 35957, 36574
Updates of non mail-enabled Security groups in Cloud to Local syncs fail due to an empty samAccountName value. 37254
Custom schema attributes can be added to template mappings, but are not visible in the drop-down selection list. 52326
Directory Sync will attempt to add Group Object as Owner to Teams/M365 and Distribution Group when the Group object shares similar name as the Group Owner. For M365 Groups and Teams, an error will be logged for these groups as they cannot be added as an owner. 41463
Password sync will fail for objects with non-English characters in the sAMAccountName. 41570
A directory operation error occurs when running a cloud to local workflow. 42444

The RC4 encryption (Rivest Cipher 4 or RC4-HMAC) is an element of Microsoft Kerberos authentication that Quest migration products require to sync Active Directory passwords between Source and Target environments. Disabling the use of the RC4 protocol enabled makes password syncing between environments impossible.

Beginning on November 8, 2022 Microsoft recommended an out of band (OOB) patch be employed to set AES as the default encryption type. The enabling and disabling use of the RC4 encryption protocol has potential impact beyond the function of password syncing of Quest migration tooling and should be considered carefully.

Comment fields that exceed the maximum length of 4000 characters will cause an error. 44556
When mail contacts are deleted from Exchange Online, the deletion is not reflected in the product. Workflows with 'Delete Objects' steps will not process contact deletes. 45392

Active Directory known issues

Known Issue Issue ID
The Server 2016 Rollback action may break a user's profile if the user is not a member of the BUILTIN\Administrators group on the target machine. 29544
The Cleanup job should not be used with bi-directional match/sync configurations as it may incorrectly remove target ACLs.


On a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device, when performing the Microsoft Entra ID Cutover action, the migrated user profiles may lose some of the installed Windows Store application or other Provisioned AppX Packages. These packages will need to be reinstalled by the user after they logon to their target profile. 36079
A Microsoft Entra ID device cannot be ReACLed if there is no matching group in mapping file. 36124
For Microsoft Entra ID Device Cutover, Windows Hello for Business Setup cannot be completed when Source Account is a Direct Member of the Device BUILTIN\Administrators Group. 36627
The ODMAD Device Agent has not been designed to take special requirements of application servers, such as Exchange, SharePoint, Remote Desktop Services, IIS, etc. into consideration. Applications should be analyzed to determine if domain migration will be supported by each individual application and what remediation(s) may be required. Recreating/redeploying Application Servers in the target environment is recommended for best results. 43466
An group with the name of two or less characters cannot be assigned to a migration wave. 45514
Certificates are not migrated with Device Cutover. 46002
Rollback is not supported for Cloud to On-Prem and Cloud to Cloud Device Migration. 46422
When installing a provisioning package that has been renamed (filename is different from the package name in the package metadata), the cutover script will fail when trying to verify that installation was successful. 47517

Release History

The following lists the new features and resolved issues by deployment.

Previous Deployments


Enhancement Issue ID
The ability to de-associate a cloud environment on the local environment setting page has been added. To remove the association, select the "None" option from the drop-down list of cloud environments. 37844
The EntraID Device Add-on license requirement for Entra ID Device migration has been removed. 48497
The "Remove Device(s)" feature is now enabled for all users. 49303

Resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Credential format "domain-with-dashes\User" is not valid. 48656


Enhancement Issue ID
A pre-check assessment step has been added to the Domain Move process. The pre-check assessment occurs while using the Domain Cutover wizard and is also available by using the "Pre-Flight Validation" button when hovering over a Domain Cutover which has not started. 37553
The ability to cancel queued jobs in Devices and Servers has been added. 47354
The ability to perform a Device ReACL when the Group Mapping is empty has been added. 47643

Resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
ReACL errors when the release id is "22H2" on Windows 10. 46195
Unable to update the license total count of Azure AD license subtype. 47537
Require Azure AD SKU to read devices when source and target environment is local to local. 47619
ReACL consumes all licenses for objects that are read in csv file, even if the create unmatched objects in target during workflow run option is not selected. 47927
The Directory Sync agent auto upgrade check fails behind proxy. 48011
Skipping delete request error in data retention. 48056
The wrong expiration date is set on the Directory Sync license when there are separate Entra ID and Directory Sync licenses. 48057


Enhancement Issue ID
Changes to address QiB retirement and Entra ID coexistence. 47610

Resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
When MailboxLocations is longer than 2000 chars, the private API fails to update the User record and logs an error. The solution is for private API to prune MailboxLocations if it is more than 2000 bytes. Pruning will be accomplished by trimming records that appear multiple times (types "AuxPrimary", "AuxArchive", and "SubstrateExtension-Teams"), until the total size is 2000 bytes or less. 47592

Resolved issues

Resolved Issue Issue ID
Using filters to select devices to assign to a wave, adds other non-selected devices to the wave. 47492
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