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On Demand License Management Current - Release Notes

Quest® On Demand License Management

Quest® On Demand License Management

April 28, 2022

These release notes provide information about the Quest®On Demand License Management module.

About this module

On Demand License Management optimizes your Microsoft 365 license investment by identifying cost savings and areas of under utilization to get more return from existing licenses. License Management scans your Azure AD tenant for information about your Microsoft Office 365 and associated Azure Active Directory (AD) licenses.

By normalizing, categorizing, and identifying license types, this data is shown on an intuitive dashboard with clear visualizations to identify areas for optimization. The dashboard clarifies license management by identifying license scenarios that need attention and displays simplified user and product data assignment views.

On Demand License Management provides management functionality that allows you to assign licenses to users and to reclaim licenses from users. You can assign an available license to a user, either directly or through a group assignment. You can select several users at a time to assign available licenses.

You can also reclaim (remove) a license from a user, whether the license is assigned directly or assigned through a group. Currently only cloud-based groups are supported.

New features

The following new features are available in this release.

When you select Groups in the left navigation bar, two new tabs provide license management functionality for your groups. The Update License Assignments page lets you assign an available license to a group or to change the services that are enabled in the license for the selected group.

The Remove Licenses page lets you remove a license from a group or from multiple groups. When you remove the license, all users in the group lose access to the services provided by the license. For example, a group might have several licenses that provide similar services. If the user activity for one license is very low or non-existent, you might decide to remove that license from the group.


On Demand License Management now provides new functionality that allows you to assign licenses to users and to reclaim licenses from users.

You assign licenses to users and reclaim licenses from users through the Assign Licenses and Reclaim Licenses pages, available when you select Users in the left navigation panel. To use these features, you must grant consent for License Administration on the Tenants | Edit Consents page for the tenant.

You can assign available licenses directly or through a group assignment. You can select several users at a time to assign available licenses.You can also reclaim (remove) a license from a user, whether the license was assigned directly or granted through a group.

In addition allowing you to assign and reclaim licenses through cloud groups, support is added for assigning and reclaiming licenses through on-premises groups in hybrid environments.


If you have added custom attributes and are viewing licenses for a single tenant, you now can group the license data by custom attribute on the Licenses page. License Management allows you to add up to three custom attributes from Azure AD through the Configuration page. Custom attributes are used to add information about a user, such as an employee ID, cost center, division, or some other custom value for which there is not an existing attribute.


On the Configuration page, you can now use the Organization Settings tab to set the currency symbol to be used for your On Demand organization in reports.


System requirements

The following web browsers are supported with On Demand:

Requirement in License Management as of September 2, 2021


Usage data will be missing or incorrect in the License Management reports unless you clear the Microsoft default setting that anonymizes user-level data.

Microsoft recently changed user privacy settings to anonymize user-level data such as user name, group name, and site name by default. As a result, License Management reports will show incorrect or missing usage data including license activity and user activity.

To correct this issue, use the following steps:

Go to Settings | Org settings | Reports.
Clear the Display concealed user, group, and site names in all reports check box.

For details, see this Microsoft article:

NOTE: When you change the setting to turn off user-level data anonymization, the change is not in effect until On Demand synchronization with the tenant has occurred. Synchronization can take up to six hours.

For information about features that were added in previous releases, see Release history: Previous releases.

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