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erwin Evolve 2022.0.1 - Release Notes

erwin Evolve 2022.0.1 Release Notes

erwin Evolve

erwin Evolve

Release Notes



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erwin Evolve – Release Notes
Updated – November 2022
Version – 2022.0.1

What's New in erwin Evolve 2022.0.1

What's New in erwin Evolve 2022.0.1


erwin Evolve 2022.0.1 is the latest service release of the erwin Evolve Suite and erwin Evolve Web Platform.

This service release brings several important fixes for Advanced Workflow, a fix to the Evolve REST/API and several third party components update to help ensure the best patch levels on security. There have been no feature updates in this release.

Previous Major Release 2022.0.0

This release brings new key features including:

A full exploded diagram capability in erwin Web Modeler

The ability to set the parent object for diagrams in erwin Evolve Web Platform and erwin Web Modeler

Improvements to Evolve Designer’s startup performance

Full support for load balancing with erwin Web Modeler

Full global search re-indexing using the Validate Repository tool (now much quicker to fully reindex)

Separate Workflow menu with lots of features

And many more minor tweaks and fixes


Full Exploded Diagram Capabilities in erwin Web Modeler

erwin Evolve Suite has always offered the ability to create parent and child diagrams in the desktop Modeler tool. We now bring this capability to draft diagrams in erwin Evolve Web Platform. With this feature, you can:

Create exploded diagrams quickly and easily right inside the erwin Web Modeler

Change a diagram’s parent without leaving erwin Evolve Web Platform

Edit a set of exploded diagrams without publishing, and publish the set when you are ready, or publish them as you go along

View the lineage of your diagrams in the new right-side panels


Setting Parent Object inside erwin Evolve Web Platform

More features from the desktop tool are extended to the erwin Evolve Web Platform. The Parent object and Parent object name fields are no longer just shown as read only fields. They are now fully editable.


Evolve Designer Improvements

With the improvements to Evolve Designer:

Sites load much faster, so you can get working on those new pages, and changes much more quickly. No need to reach for a coffee as your mega-site opens!

You can find your publishing issues much quicker using the new tabbed log window. Also, filter by the type of log message and clear the content when you want.



Message categories use the following color code:

Info: Black

Success: Green

Warning: Orange

Error: Red

You can easily expand and collapse nodes in your site, using the new right-click menu options, which are standardized for all nodes.


Load Balancing with erwin Web Modeler

Previously, if you wanted to use the erwin Web Modeler you were restricted to a single server installation. We have now extended the configuration to allow for multi-server (or load balanced) environments.

Global Search Re-indexing in Validate Repository Tool

This release brings significant enhancements toGlobal search re-indexing. It is now possible to force a complete re-index using the Validate Repository tool. This is significantly more efficient than using the crawling indexer. This requires erwin Evolve Suite and erwin Evolve Web Platform to be co-installed on the same server.

Gallery Manager in erwin Web Modeler

erwin Web Modeler now enables you to upload and use pictures in Draft diagrams. The images that are used are also added to the model’s gallery, making them available in the desktop tool as well. The Shape Palette now includes the Picture icon template .



Workflow Enhancements

In this release, erwin Evolve Web Platform provides you an ability to create new requests with all necessary information and supporting documents as an attachment. Also, you can now do multiple reviews and can send the feedback or resubmit the application to the creator. (NB: Additional license required).

Workflow Configuration

Workflow configuration is now a part of Administration, alongside Pool/Swimlane Configuration and it enables you to create and customize workflows.

You must have Administrator rights to create or configure workflows.

Save, Publish, and Refresh Configuration

Save, Publish, and Refresh workflow configuration eliminates manual copying and pasting the configuration JSON code and publishing website.




Saves JSON configuration into erwin Evolve Web Platform


Publishes the workflow to the server


Discards the workflow's saved changes and reloads it from the server

Add, View, and Delete Attachment Files

Starting this release, erwin Evolve Web platform provides a way to attach multiple files (up to 20 MB in size) of any file type while requesting an application review. Also, Reviewers can now only download and view the attached files and cannot delete it.

Pre-set Object Page Available for Workflow Items

The "CWWorkflowItem" object page has been added to cw-builtin.json. Thus, making it available in the built-in site. This object page enables reviewers to approve or reject Advanced workflow requests.

If you are an existing Advanced Workflow users, the CWWorkflowItem object exists already for you and is default for all models. For the new feature to work as expected, you must remove the CWWorkflowItem object.

UI label Enhancements

Several enhancements have been implemented to improve the workflow tasks and usage experience. The enhancements are as follows:



To Do

My Tasks


My Requests

Action this task myself

Assign to Me

Delegate this action to another user

Transfer Task

Review Now

Take Action


View the Approval Request and the Status of the Workflow

You can view the status of approval requests under ADMIN > My Profile > Application Request > My Request. (Additional configuration required.)


You can assign the task to yourself or transfer it to someone else.


List of enhancement and fixes

2022.0.1 Patch Release (388/520)


[9864947] [Evolve Designer] - Fixed an issue where the node name of an association in a popout was not being saved


[9865363] [Load balancing] - Fixed an issue where the webmodeler URL was being incorrectly calculated by the configuration tool. {a workaround existed previously}


[9865379] [CoffeeMaker] - French locale has missing labels - AdvWorkflow


[9865379] [CoffeeMaker] Translated all labels. Missing labels should now default to English without []s


[9865384] [CoffeeMaker] – Fixed an issue where evolve URLs were not changing


[9865180] [Adv Workflow] – Fixed an issue where duplicate requests could be made for the same new item, using workflow


[9865169] [Adv Workflow] – Fixed an issue where the second reviewer form was not loading correctly


[9865214] [Rest API] - Re-enabled access to association metadata through REST API


[9865200] [Adv Workflow] - Ensure mandatory indicator is shown when required


[9865186] [Adv Workflow] - If the user who uploads the document tries to download it, it navigates to home page in new tab


[9865300] [Adv Workflow] - Fixed an issue in step and scenario naming where case sensitivity was not handled correctly


[9865310] [Adv Workflow] - Improved security of upload/download endpoints


[9865192] [Adv Workflow] - Fix workflow request page unresponsive issue with large file upload


[9865194] [Adv Workflow] - Fix blank page display issue after pressing refresh button


[9865195] [Adv Workflow] - Fix to stop user from uploading empty and duplicate files


[9865215] [Adv Workflow] - Large files are now uploaded in chunks


[9865434] [Adv Workflow] - Filter the object types dropdown in Adv workflow configuration


[9865216] [Adv Workflow] - Corrected notification message while creating a new request for Validate/Reject/Save For Later/Resubmit


[9865397] [Adv Workflow] - Fix a vulnerability in file handling controller


Many third-party components updated, to improve security

2022.0.0 Patch Release (388/519)


[9865378] [CoffeeMaker] – Fixed an issue with the Administration menu not closing


[9865377] [CoffeeMaker] - Fixes to support CoffeeMaker plugins. Removed unused doActions custom event handlers and improved the JSON handling of configuration data


[9865390] [Evolve Modeler] - Fixed Object Explorer context menu issues on column headers


[9865240] [Evolve Modeler] - Icons for Templates in Modeler Home Page are not loading until Refresh


[9865373] [SAML2] - Fixed an issue where SAML2 libraries were not loading

2022.0.0 Major Release (386/518)

RFA / Issue



[9862439] [Evolve Designer] - Disabled combo box value change on mouse scroll


[9861881] SR Number:5043038 - Unable to choose another name for the evolve site, as web modeler stops working


[9861847] Global Search Validate Repository should exclude all the unnecessary Tables/object types


[9864815] [Evolve Designer] - Console in Evolve Designer is editable


[9861164] [Validate Repository] - Validate Repository – model name no longer case sensitive


[9854642] Change the default Global Search settings to 'No filters'


[9860890] Add page number field in draft manager pagination


[9864816] [Global Search] - 'No Description' message should display if there is no description and Proper format should display in Search Results page


[9860748] [Evolve] - add redirection button to redirect to draft manager page


[9860896] [Web Modeler] - Sorting by name issue when user toggles between 'Name' and 'Title'


[9862530] [Validate Repo] - An exception is thrown after running Applyfixes command


[9865192] [Advanced Workflow] - Fixed the notification message issue for Reviewers


[9864981] [Webmodeler] - Multiple users in a diagram breaks if the [+] button is used


[9862749] [Webmodeler] - Fixed issues with Active Directory authentication


[Webmodeler] Gallery manager now supported


[9865031] [Evolve] - Fixed issue where “Requested object() do not exists in the object type [CW Site]" - error after clicking on 'Dynamic Site' for new model


[9865092] [Web Modeler] - Existing free text not maintained on publishing


[Webmodeler] - Now supports load balancing


[Webmodeler / Evolve] - Now able to set the parent object for a diagram


[VR] Now able to fully recreate indexes more quickly, without scanning full audit history


[9865021] [Web Modeler] - Draft won't get published after changing border settings or font settings


[Webmodeler] - Now able to build hierarchies of diagrams as drafts



Product Licensing

Product Licensing

As of the 2020.1.1 release of erwin Evolve Suite / Web Platform, licensing is migrating to the standard Quest Inc. license system. During the migration, there will be a grace period, whereby existing customers can continue to use their existing Casewise licenses. Quest do not intend to force customers onto the new licensing and will work with them to ensure a successful migration.

If you are considering upgrading to 2022, you should not be concerned with the new licensing system, as its usage is optional now.

Activating your Quest License

The process for activating an erwin Evolve license is:

1.Support will provide you with one or more license files per Server machine that requires licensing.
For example:

2.Having installed the software, copy this file to your server's desktop.

3.Double click on the file. You will be presented with a warning:

4.Click Yes to allow the tool to change the registry.

5.The software now has the purchased licenses activated on the server. To verify this, load the License Manager.
Open erwin Evolve suite - Start Here.

6.Click License Manager, and login.

7.License Manager will show the license code, and various other attributes.

Returning your erwin License

If you need to move the license from one server to another, you must contact support, who will assist with the migration.

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