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erwin Enterprise Architect Agile v3 - Release Notes

erwin EA Agile Release Notes

What's New in erwin EA Agile?

What's New in erwin EA Agile?


The following are a list of features by release date that has been added to the platform.

We also include a list of defects that have been fixed.

The reference numbers are internal erwin references that you may use in correspondence with us.


9th March - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 133






When a User is mentioned in a comment they can now navigate directly to an object instance from an e-mail or in-application notification



Counts display the wrong value when objects have multiple list-keys

Image attribute of a related object doesn't display on a table

24th February - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 132


 Line Charts

 Display Masks

Format values within your environment by setting a Display Mask. Display Masks can be set at 3 different levels: For all numbers in your environment, Everywhere an attribute is displayed, or for a single View.

Format all numbers in your environment


Format an attributes appearance for everywhere it's displayed

Number formatting is useful for displaying currency


Errors with Chart render size when resizing layout views

Import allows duplicate Object names

27th January - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 131


Donut/Pie Charts

Analyze the proportion of a data set using pie/donut charts. The new charts work with all numeric attribute types available on the platform and work with attributes of a data set or individual objects.


User Views

Perform self-service analysis on their repository using User Views. This new view type allows users to create personal & custom reports utilizing the various view types available on the platform. Search & Define a custom data set or use a pre-existing filter.

Users can search their repository to create custom data-sets

Once a data-set has been defined (or a Filter selected)

Users can create a report using the Views/Charts available



Date Ranges erroring when used in filters

Changing diagram type name breaks diagrams

Action: 'Report',  Scorecard Attribute is Empty in Radar Chart

13th January - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 130


Calendar View

We've added an additional view type into EA Agile v3, allowing users to view any objects with date/time attributes in a Calendar View.

Comments & Mentions

Collaborate on objects by adding comments and mentioning other users. Those mentioned will receive an in-app & email notification.


Click Behavior Added to Count Views

Users can now add click behavior to count Count Views.


Filters - Add date Intervals

We've added additional operations to Filters to support date intervals. e.g. Show me all objects created in the last week or show me all Opportunities that are expected to close in the next 7 days


Updated Bar & Scatter Chart UI

We've updated the library that supports our Bar and Scatter chart type. As a result of this update, the UI of these charts types has been improved. Users will also notice tooltips on the chart types contain object information and plotted values.



Image Attribute render incorrectly as Icon

Date/Time not rendering in tables

Tree View: Click behavior

3rd January - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 129.2


Computed Attributes failed to recompute

Item Actions on Query Tables required display item

2nd December - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 129 & 129.1


Open in Window' Click Behaviour

You can configure a new Click Behaviour within the platform that enables a View to be opened in a floating window. These windows have multiple configuration options that allow for multiple to be present on-screen, size and if a floating window persists throughout the application. Windows can also be 'snapped' to the edges of your screen.


In addition to the new Click Behaviour, you can now also configure an EA Agile v3 View to display within a tooltip on hover. These Views can take context from the object being hovered over. Any view type is supported within the new rich-hover feature.


New Styling Option 'Underscore'

In addition to being able to set a Header Style for a view, users can now opt to underline the Header with 5 different color options.


Date picker. The text size on AM/PM picker too small

Cannot re-compute attributes for the context object

Open in Dialogue not working with Diagram type View

Cards content overflows

Query table filter UI not showing

Arrays don't work as grouping attribute

21st November - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 128


Upgrade to PHP 7.3


7th November - EA Agile v2 & v3 - Release 127


Radar Charts

There's a new chart type available in EA v3: Radar Chart. Users can utilize this new chart for either an object instance or a collection of objects.

Users can also analyze objects in a number of different ways, either looking at a comparison of objects or it's attributes.

Here multiple objects are analyzed against an object attribute

Here the object attributes are being analyzed for an object type


Image Attributes

We've added a new attribute type enabling users to upload images. For example, if you have a persona object type you can upload an image. Or if you have a location object, users could upload an image of that location.

Heatmaps/Overlay Filters on Diagrams & Roadmaps

Users can now configure heatmaps and overlay filters in Diagrams, Auto-Generated diagrams and Roadmap View types. 

An example of heatmaps being used to analyze objects in an Auto-Generated Diagram


Heatmaps being used in a Roadmap to highlight high impact technology trends


Open Panel fully extended

New configuration option to set the "open in panel" behavior to open fully extended



Computed Attributes within Query Tables

Computed Attributes & Scorecard Attributes can now be used within our Query Tables

Configurable Tooltips now work with Tree Views

Tooltip configuration has been extended to tree views. Users can set Object attributes to be displayed in a tooltip.

Updated style options for Count Views

We've added configure options for the styling of Count Views. Users can now choose from a standard Count View, a card or a colored card.

Count views can now also be used to display individual attributes of an Object Type


Colored Card

Standard Count

Standard Card





Filter UI won't load if an attribute is renamed/deleted

Date pickers inside details views are cut off

Users can use Array picklists in table views

Inconsistent styling in details views

Filter UI - equals/not equals operators disabled

Global search description cut short

16th October - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 126.4


Nested List Views. Item actions not working properly when hidden.

5th October - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 126.2


Cannot create workspace after creating default element type view

Nested List View - Breadcrumbs doesn't show display name

Nested List View. Triggers context in inner levels when reloading

Nested List View. Shows multiple selections when jumping in and out of levels

Default View For Type no longer works if Object is extended

Views not passing correct workspace ID down to child views

1st October - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 126.1


CSV Import. Element attribute table insert has too many placeholders

27th September - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 126


Computed Attributes (Roll-Ups)

Roll-ups are an attribute type that allows data to be pulled in from related object attributes, and 'rolled-up' into aggregated values.

Roll-up attributes can be dates, date-ranges or a numeric value. These values can be combined with scorecards to perform complex calculations.

Configuration of a Numeric Roll-Up

Scorecard Attributes

Scorecards can help users manage and evaluate metrics that can be applied to objects. With many objects, creating an automated score is the best way to calculate a value.

Scorecards automatically appear as attributes within an object. Scorecards may be assigned to different object types.

Query Tables

Our Tables now support a new advanced data source called 'queries', these queries allow users to advanced joins and filters so users can configure a table to not only display related objects but properties of those objects

Users will be able to sort and filter on each individual column

Configuration of a Query


Output of configuration




Update to charts to include legends and tooltips

All attributes & relationships added when creating 'default view for type'

Filters can now be added to Relationship List Attributes



EAv2 & v3: Reviewer context menu in Diagrams unable to select 'Go to diagram'

XML Import error

EAv2: Cannot attach communities to objects

Scatter chart not rendering negative values properly

Tree View misaligned icon, arrow and text

11th September - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 124.2


Add option to enable users to match by name in XML Import UI

EA v2: Objects with scorecard attrributes not saving

2nd September - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 124


Details inputs. Ensure read-only inputs have the same font size as editable inputs

EA v2: Object import does not set createdBy id correctly.

30th August - DT: Major Release 9.0

erwin Mapping Manager Adapter

Pull Mappings and their attributes from erwin Mapping Manager with our new Web Services Adapter and use that data in other applications including the erwin suite*. Users can also bring across hyperlinks for specific Mappings for easy navigation.

erwin Metadata Manager Adapter

Pull data from Metadata Manager with our new Web Services Adapter and use that data in other applications including the erwin suite*.

(*erwin products must have DT Adapter)


CAST HighLight Adapter

Domains can be read (Name, CHL ID) and used to update the source model, so to  provide the context when creating new applications

All application belonging to a parent domain and its subdomains will be read (Name, CHL ID) and used to update the source model, so to update applications in CAST

Based on source data (Name, CAST HighLight ID, and the CAST HighLight ID of the Domain which the application belongs to are expected) the domain will be created (ID null or 0) or updated (ID equal to an existing CAST HighLight ID).

Based on source data (Name, CAST HighLight ID, and the Name and CAST HighLight ID of the Domain which the application belongs to are expected) the application will be created (ID null or 0) or updated (ID equal to an existing CAST HighLight ID).



Languages other than English used an incorrect encoding

SQL server authentication

30th July - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 123



Table View

We've completely reworked table views so that they're more performant with larger data sets and tables displaying lots of related items. All the existing features of tables are still available and we hope to add more soon!



EAv2: Make campaigns deletable again

EAv2: Make campaigns icons visible again

Remove prompt for a password when requesting an API token

28th June - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 122



Long string attributes

We've added a new attribute type 'Long String' for those attributes which require a little more detail.



Configuration option to allow scatter charts to start from 0

Users can now choose between starting their scatter chat Axis at the lowest value in the range displayed or at '0'.

A simple check-box has been added to the 'Scatter Chart Style' accordion in the Customisation tab in the view configuration



CSV Import - update error "name already taken"

Element out of state error on kanban shows 'element invalid toast'

Import not importing relationship on new elements

28th June - erwin DT - Release 8.4

Major Release – v8.4

Integrate with erwin Business Glossary Manager

Push and Pull Business Terms from erwin Business Glossary Manager with our new Web Services Adapter and use that data in other applications including the erwin suite. Relate to Business Processes within erwin EA or connect your Business Terms to data in external applications such as ServiceNow

Encrypt/Decrypt Databases in erwin DT

Make your database more secure by encrypting it within erwin DT, you’ll also be able to encrypt workflow configurations in the database and set/change encryption key.


We’ve added support for additional time-zones

Application names have been updated

Switched AdoptOpenJDK Java to Hotspot, from J9

Added support for containment hierarchies in EA agile v3

Improved performance for XSLX file processing



Fixed Date/Time range writing to EA agile v3

Improved startup stability for services

Numerical chars from Adapter name are omitted when selecting Adapter during WF creation

Security Fixes

Command Injection vulnerability improvements

Removed Trustmanager acceptance of specific certificates

Fixed insecure randomness concern

13th June - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 121.2


Element types not updated on CSV export

Export not showing "Failed" status if it fails

6th June - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 121.1


Saving ER diagrams fails

Element endpoint receives 500 error when modifying elements with communities

Collection views inherit filter ID when no filter ID is defined but the journey is

Export UI doesn’t show until collection fetched

Public facing version number not updated on release

Duplicated views are added at the bottom of the View collection

EAv2. Removing relationships from relationship list errors


3rd May - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 121


Duplicate Views

Whilst configuring our platform users can now duplicate a single view configuration or a layout which consists of many views. This will save a considerable amount of time when configuring the platform allowing re-use of views and layouts.

oAll configuration settings are duplicated: data sources, attributes, etc...

oUsers are prompted to add a prefix for the newly duplicated views

Export Management Area

Users can now manage exports through the system menu, allowing you to create bulk exports, check the status, and access a report of all exports in one area.

oEmail notifications now include a link to the new export management area rather than attaching the file.



Error when changing Communities on a View


16th May - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 120


EAv2: Kanban not showing attributes with empty values

Data Source defect on Views

Diagramming: Blurred text in a text box

Import doesn't import date ranges (allowing use with erwin DT)


3rd May - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 119


Nested List View

Our latest View type allows users to configure 'levels' on a list view

oEach level is configured using the filter system

oContext is used to allow users to traverse their metamodel in the new view

oWe've also updated the styling to differ from our regular List View

Stacked Bar Chart

Users can now represent Objects and Attributes through Stacked Bar Charts. Below is a simple example showing the total cost of ownership, but users can configure multiple Y values.


Scatter Chart

Objects & Attributes can also now be represented in our new Scatter Chart, allowing users to configure an X & Y axis. Below is an example showing users & cost, as well as using shapes to highlight which Objects are owned by me.

oUse filters to set up to 5 different shapes within a Scatter Chart

Pivot Table

The new pivot table provides the ability to slice and dice your objects by their attributes.

Drag and drop the attributes from the column or the row headers to create your pivot table.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to an attribute will allow you to filter by the values of the attribute.

Filter Parameterisation

Parameters can be now be set on Filters, these include: String, Boolean, Number, Date Time, Object, User & String List

Export As Report

We've added a new Action button in Views to allow you to export a more user-friendly 'report' than our standard CSV export. Rather than using Object ID's for related objects users will now see Display Names.

The new Report will also by default only download what is configured to be displayed within the View e.g. Columns within a Table View or contents of a List View.

oAdditional Attributes can be configured to be downloaded, this is set up at the View configuration level.

oOverlay filters are taken into account so only Object Instances on display are downloaded



EA v2: Intermediate blank fields when filtering the table column with many duplicates

Import/export actions can be added when not appropriate

Table not loading when using Journeys

Export action not working properly with journeys in tables


26th April - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 118.1


ActionBar location not displaying Actions

Colour defect with denominator in Count View Type

Export settings not working

11th April - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 117.3


Item Actions not working Tree Views

Trees renders ad infinitum with recursive journeys

CSV Import not processing existing namespaced elements correctly

Object export is cutting off relationships when there are too many

EAv2: Unable to toggle between workspaces and the "Default" workspace on the drop-down list

3th April - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 117.2


Contributor users cannot see import/export actions in DGC

25th March - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 117



We have re-architectured our Import to be more reliable and handle greater volumes

A new Import section is accessible through the System Menu.

oUsers are able to track the percentage completion of each import and see what stage it's at

oA list of all imports (including those already completed)

oAccess reports of an import including any errors

Object Attachments

Users are now able to add file attachments to Object instances. This is done through a new 'Action' called Attachments


Tooltip Configuration on Pick Lists

Set an attribute to be displayed within the tooltip on object pickers



Object export breaks with current user filter

Import/Export actions are not hidden when a user only has a Review license

EAv2 Views. Render colours for Array attribute values

EAv2 Views. Icon Color on Diagrammer

8th March - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 116.3


Journey tree construction not handling recursive paths

Equals operator can't find diagram types by names


5th March - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 116.2


EAv2: Saving relationships shows wrong error messages

Export not exporting all objects in the view

Global search results can't be opened in all views

Timezone miscalculations when using different offsets


1st March - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 116.1


EA Agile: Block delete option from appearing in attributes if the user is a reviewer

EA Agile: Diagram Import returning random offsets

Display Attribute picker not working on kanbans

Lineage Automatic Diagrams mapping issues with duplicated nodes

11th February - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 116


Ability to sort on List, Tree & Kanban views

We've added a sort action for List, Tree & Kanban views which will allow the user to sort on strings (A-Z), date values, and integers

Tooltip Configuration

Users can configure attributes to be displayed as a tooltip in Tree, List & Kanban Views




We've re-architected our exporter so that it is more performant when handling large exports. The re-architecture also allows us to continue making further improvements and add new functionality


EA Agile: Pivot table printing not functioning correctly

EA Agile: Colours missing from bookmarks in the menu

XML Import not working

11th February - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 115.2


Table: Object icon disappearing

Lineage diagram fails to render

EA Agile: No icons rendered in publications and font is different

21st January - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 115.1


Execute Filter and Count endpoints not returning correct data set

16th January - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 115



Using a simple Token based system users will now be able to use our web API when using SAML2. Users will now be able to find their API key in the Account > Admin section.

Global Configuration Options

In our recently released Application Settings users will now be able to configure the style of all tables within an application


We've improved the performance of filters that use a relationship

Filters that use relationship-based criteria now use 'Contains' rather than 'Equals'


Details view grey background not really grey

View navigation not working

Filters. Extremely slow when using relationships

Views. Tree heatmaps not being applied

Element CSV export errors when exporting a Scorecard attribute

Emptying numeric value from Details View input doesn't clear it

EA Agile: Publishing Pivot Tables & Roadmaps doesn't work

EA Agile: Element Type module doesn't show success toast on save and re-renders on change

19th December - Platform v2 & v3 - Release 114.1


Fix forgot username/password page styling

18th December - Release 114


Global Configuration Options

As part of this Release, we are adding a new tab "Application Settings' to the Account section.


Within this tab, you will find configuration settings allowing you to customize your entire application environment. You can choose from the Applications you have licenses for. At the moment we only have two configuration options (Input Box Style & Search Bar Visibility) available but we will be adding more.

When you select an Input Style it will be applied to all Views within the Application, you will receive a notification informing you of your choice.


Text Wrap within Table View

Carrying on from the addition of the Table Style tab within a Table Views configuration panel we now have now added the ability to switch on Text Wrap within a table


Prevent diagram background turning black in fullscreen mode

Application settings errors if none already exist

Dfp inputs have the wrong font when the input is editable

Input Style under 'form style' in details layout but under 'styling' in others. Misleading

Notification dropdown "Show All" blue

Publications. Not migrating all publications

Table sorting shows table is sorted, but data is not actually sorted

Publications container class has a margin

Make clear action work on numeric values

Don't make detail views re-render when data changes

Element Type UI. Inform user to refresh when "state out of date" exception occurs

5th December - Release 113.1


Show drop-down when label clicked


3rd December - Release 113


Views Displayed on Cards

Within a column view, users will be able to choose if they wish to display the View(s) contained within on a card. This capability is great for creating dashboard style views or drawing focus to a particular section of a view

Styling Options on Table Views

Continuing on the theme of improving the UI on our platform we've also made a number of improvements to our Table View. Within the configuration options, users can now set Table header colors, set verticle lines between columns and brought the view up to the latest material design standards. Below is an example of a table view with our new options switched on;


New Style Options for Input Boxes

Within a Details View you will be able to choose from 4 different styles off input boxes











View manager. No, add header action when no views

Table column delimiters not moving together when a user moves one

Table header sort icon ellipsis issue

Top right menu action overlaps heatmap arrow

Validation errors in details show a red box

Table header background colour doesn't cover right side when scrollbar present

Enumeration/Relationship label styling suggests there's a value when there isn't


26th November - Release 112


The Roadmap View

Finishing off our recent set of improvements to the Roadmap View we've added the capability to collapse and expand lanes within a grouped roadmap

The Kanban View

We've also extended the collapse/expand behavior to our Kanban View


CSV Import

Over the last month, we've been working on improving the performance of our CSV import. You will notice an improvement in both the speed of an import and volume of entities the import can handle


Description Length Invalid hard error

Views. Delete confirmation doesn't handle errors

DM XML Import. Data model duplicates when trying to merge

Views: Roadmap and Kanban collapsed state reset when groups are reordered


13th November - Release 110


The Roadmap View

Continuing on from our work in previous releases we've added more features to the Roadmap View. If a user selects to group by an attribute they are now able to re-order lanes by 'drag & drop'.


If a user selects to display using one element per line they can configure the column width for the element name on the left.


Tooltips with date information now show on hover over ranges and dots.


Finally, if a user chooses to group by an attribute they can now choose to display only using one master timeline rather than one for each group

The Kanban View

Reordering lanes are now also available within the Kanban View, this can be done by dragging and dropping a lane.


Views: edit dialogues overflowing page can't be used

MMF. String attribute length validation not performed

Views: Tables show half spinners within cells

Views. Object selection. Funky behavior with input focusing

Views. Elements opened from collection views in the panel not up to date

MMF. Element fetch hard erroring for DG Trial

Views: Roadmaps display old groups when new grouping attribute is applied.

Filter state out of date exception updating an Element Type

Filter state out of date updating filter

Views: Roadmaps: Relationship list attributes calling a non-existent function

Views: Kanban: Errors when one axis has no grouping defined

Views: Kanban grouping: can't set just y grouping

Views: View editing causes re-render of view

EAv2: Bulk Actions > Object delete is broken

Communities. Cannot remove first assigned admin

Views: slider option is available in edit form for roadmaps

Views: Roadmaps and Kanbans show drag cursor when sorting is disabled

Views: Edit mode not propagating to elements accessed by global search

Views: Panel on top of the panel is acting wonky in global search

Views: Table view. Table size changes not working

1st November - Release 109.3


Views: list taking context from itself


26th October - Release 109.2


Views. Kanban configurable icons not displaying

Views. Tabs not leaving space for resize arrow


25th October - Release 108.1, 109, 109.1

These releases see the introduction of a completely new feature and a huge upgrade to another. Conditional Views are a new concept for the platform, you'll be able to set a filter to a view so that it only appears when a defined criterion is met, this will be available for all Layout type views. We've also been working on improving the Roadmap View over the last month (and there's more to come). Lots of new features have been added to Roadmaps, opening up a whole host of configurable options. We're looking forward to seeing what our users do with these updates so please tell us how you've been using Roadmaps & Conditional Views through our community:


Conditional Views

An exciting addition to the platform allows users to configure the conditions in which a View will appear, this is done by defining a filter. In the example below, we have set an additional accordion tab to only appear if a business term is GDPR critical. With the highly configurable nature of the Platform, the possibilities are endless with this new feature.

Another example using Acronyms that are related to GDPR critical business terms, adding an additional Tab View.


The Roadmap View

First up we have a new feature for the Roadmap View where a user can select to display elements 'one per-line'. This will change the appearance of the Roadmap and add a splash of colour! Users will still be able to edit elements in the Roadmap in the traditional way in this mode.

Elements can also be grouped by a Grouping Attribute & users can also sync the multiple timelines on display so you can scroll through in sync if you wish.


Click Behaviour can now also be set on the elements within a Roadmap. This opens up a whole host of possibilities for the user when configuring views. Below is an example of a table taking context from the System selected in the Roadmap above.


Finally, single dates are now displayed as a dot rather than a box. Stay tuned for further updates to Roadmaps in the next release.


Views. Count views with journeys error on the backend

Views. Default Element Type View is editable

Filters. Filter using a specific relationship to another Filter returning nothing

Rows layout: Change the number of rows gives the wrong number of row size inputs

Diagramming. Grid size 0 causes a hard error

Views: table not storing page size properly

Views. Object selection. Funky behavior with input focusing

Views. Table returning all objects

Views. Clicking on Tabs closes panels

Views: Can't configure click behavior

Views. Count view just spins when no Filter/Journey defined

Views. Kanbans blow-up - property of undefined

15th October - Release 108


The Roadmap View

We've updated the Roadmap View on the platform to support date ranges, users will also be able to edit date ranges through drag & drop. Keep an eye on our updates page as we continue to improve the Roadmap view on the platform!


Global Search

If you wish to switch off the global search feature in your environment you're now able to configure this in the settings of your application.

View Configuration Panel

In a continued effort to make configuration on the platform more intuitive we are making changes to the View Configuration Panel. This will help the user determine what input is essential for creating a View and what is additional configuration. Depending on which view type the user selects they will be presented with different default configuration options.


EA v2

Ability to set logical page breaks within publications

Ability to make the rich text editor full-screen

Campaigns & Publications: Margins applied to .png outputs


Views. Relationship context not working

Views. Table Views. Relationship list not showing 3 dots when multiple values

SAML2: Login Listener passes null user descriptor

Views. Queries. Concurrent sorting not maintaining the correct order

Views. Table views. Sort order not maintained when using view state

Views: No loader shown in global search and relationship edit

Views: edit relationships search doesn't autofocus

Views. Object creation not working

Views: list not auto selecting

TinyMCE. Line break styling not being applied within TinyMCE editor

Views: Real inputs in detail views are flagging incorrectly for valid values

Global search results shown above panel / dialogue views

Global search and related: Filter  is not remembered in dropdowns

Layout View configuration shows 'workspaces' title

View. Resize configuration not kept in sync with number of child views

Rich Text Full Screen: Leaves white bar along top of view until page refreshed

Views: Set To Default Value doesn't work

Views: Data source type cannot be changed

Date picker styling broken

Views: editable table checkbox line up

View User State: Must provide sorts error

3rd October - Release 107



Workspaces have been introduced to the platform. You can add a workspace picker to parent & child views



Display Properties

When adding a Display Property you can also create a customised display name for that property, this is especially useful when displaying Relationships.

Object Picker

All Object Pickers on the platform now display a total so you can see how many Objects in total are available to select from

EA v2

Diagrams. Add tooltips to Diagram palette show/hide icon

Publications: Edit menu or Right Context menu has cut, copy, and paste options

Publications: Ability to set margin for pdf files and printing


Views. Missing initial loading view on some view types

Text input: Add several returns and additional unintended space also added

Journey performance slow

Views. Tab view without child views hard error

Views. Cannot open default object type view

Views. Details view styling weird

Views. Table View. Select all breaks after edit

Filters - Predefined boolean filter criteria values aren't reflected in data (but are in UI)

Views. Single floating actions don't show tooltip

Views. Columns Layout view count mismatch causes hard error

Filters: UI hard errors attempting to show Relationship List 'Has value'/'Does not have value'

GoJS showing watermark

Tooltips on floating actions show if empty

Filters: Various attribute types are broken in various ways in filter UI input

Views: Heatmaps break filters

Views: Numbers not showing in details style accordion



Journeys have received a performance improvement. Views that use Journeys will fetch & return data faster


13th September - Release 106


Minimal Display Attributes

For display attributes in; Lists, Tables, Kanbans, Details you can now set customized Reduced and Minimal display style settings. You can find the settings in the configuration panel.


Communities have been improved so you can now add additional admin's in a community and registration requests can be assigned to a community


When creating a Diagram, users can now reverse the direction of groupings

View State

As part of our work to improve view space utilization we allow users to customize their erwin experience by setting their own width to columns, tables etc. We've added two new buttons that allow users to reset view layouts for the whole of their system (found in the admin page) and page configurator to reset view layouts for all users of a single view (found at the bottom of the configuration panel of a view)


Views. Impact Diagram Journey -> Grouping wrong way around

Views: Diagram-views: Collapse box doesn't work correctly

Date time ranges: Start date shows end date

Views. Queries. Sorting doesn't work

Views: Can't provision view actions

Webpack: App doesn't load on IE11

View item actions: not filtering per element type

Views: Menu actions not clickable

IE: Panel expander position wrong in IE

Display fields for text attributes are large

31st August 2018 - Release 105


SAML2 - Access to configuring SAML in your environment can be found in the system menu under 'Account'. Please get in touch with support if you require assitance with getting set up or have any questions.


Views. Configuration. Highlight invalid attribute configs

ViewUserState: Sort

Table view: Action Bar displays when it shouldn't

Cannot provision trials

Views - Table column can be set to <50 through the API

Views - If columns view larger than screen width resize handles

"Forgot your company" functionality is broken

Object Type Views: Default View for Object Type Creation is not Working after View State

Object Type Views: Objects without default view created don't show the "Create Default View" button

Views: Row sizes don't appear on the edit form

Filters: Not saving integers

Views: Columns layout config has alt size for drag handles

Views: Tables no longer rerender to remove white space if container size increases

23rd August 2018 - Release 104


View Space Utilisation

When viewing a page with more than 1 view within it you'll be able to click on the border of those views to resize the width using drag and drop.  Your View states will also be stored for the next time you log in.

Table View

When you've created a Table you'll be able to pre-define column sorting and also how many rows you'd like to display

Date/Time Data Type

The timezone you have set your environment to will now be displayed wherever a date/time is shown


erwinDG Registration Email - link blooper

Fix Vagrant box initialisation - npm/on-premise artefacts

View Resizing: Moving from a child view to its parent doesn't trigger a resize

MMF. Element CSV Import. Import failing - too many placeholders

MMF: CSV import. Creates duplicate relationships on self-to-self relationships.

DM XML Import. No model information in failed import notification

User registration throws username already exists error but does not appear in

Old Diagrams. Inconsistent Behavior when selecting multiple nodes

Chip overflow markers show on kanban items without extra chips


7th August 2018 - Release 103


Additional Admin User

You'll be able to have the ability to assign more than 1 administrator to your environment


View Space Utilisation

You'll now be able to configure a view so it's expandable and collapsable on click. Sizes are fully customizable and you'll be able to set the View to pop-over an adjacent view rather than shrink it


Tree View

We have improved the performance of our Tree View when returning very large sets of data


Filter UI. Dropdowns go back to the top after scrolling to the bottom

Tab view tab names don’t update when display name is changed - didn’t fix completely

Filter UI. Relationship Types and Filters are fetched multiple times

Resize handle arrow faces the wrong direction when previous columns are set to fill the container

Resizing views on hover can cause the view to spasm

Filters. Cannot create a Filter relating Issues to Sprints

No indication of chip overflow (table)

Table View. No indication of where to drag for column resizing

Column details not updating in the edit panel

Diagram config objects blank

DM XML Import. Creates duplicate relationships

Grid component, changing diagram types shows error in the console

Publications: Weird exported table styling

Anonymise users not working for geniusb

Charts. Word Cloud. 500 when viewing it


19th July 2018 - Release 102


Action: OpenURL

Users will be able to add either an Action or Item Action to Collection views and Object Type Views to open a selected URL attribute


View Space Utilisation

We're making improvements to the visual layout of the platform so users are able to make the most of the visualizations available

Table Views

Table views will have vertical and horizontal scrollbars

Headers on Table Views will be frozen and will also allow users to place Action icons in the Table Header

Tree Views

Display names are configurable

Application Tile: Navigate to Accounts Page

To make navigating the platform easier we've added the Account page (the first page you come to when you first log in to the platform) to the Application Tile found in the top right of the screen


We've improved the UI of filters to support nesting and included two new operators: 'Has value' & 'Does not have value'


User anonymisation. Avatar is not reset on the frontend

Table. Empty table shows border/shadow from footer

Delete old log files

Application select css alignment

If filter name is taken save button is disabled indefinitely

Adding "is object -> does not equal -> any " to filter makes it not render

Client login 404s if no client with given name exists

Filter UI. Send many execute-filter requests when loading a Filter

Filter UI. Relationships not scoped to Element Type

Filter UI. Make add icon consistent

EAv2. Object duplication hard erroring

Data Model Search: Filter by tags does not work. Unable to clear out filter.

Horizontal Scroll on table in EAv2 not clickable

Tables overlapping and cutting stuff off in dm nosql

Deleting a chip with the same relationship  and element type as another will delete the second chip

Old Diagrams. Cannot create a diagram with communities (maybe user is part of a community)

Old Diagrams. Navigating away without changing it triggers "Unsaved changed" dialogue

Publications won't create

Views. Filter fetches when nothing changes

Update user activity report to send to a specific mail group

MMF. Filters. Filter migration breaks on non-support computed attribute on beta

MMF. Filters. Filter migration has undefined variable usage

MMF. Filters. Filter migration breaks on date-times with null value

Provisioner doesn't hard error on related Object criteria

MMF. Filters. Filter migration breaks on related Object criteria

Cannot create new views in EA Agile v2

Community UI. Users can still edit inputs even though they can't save

Default page size is not 10 when populating empty table

Erwin: 'View Properties' closes on right click

Tab view tab names don’t update when display name is changed

Removing 1 chip removes all chips


Updates to API following subdomain changes


6th July 2018  - Release 101

Features & Performance Improvement

User Anonymisation

oAdministrators will be able to anonymize an account so personal information is not stored within the system

oYou will be able to either generate a random alphanumeric string or create your own

Timeout length extended

Default Table size

oTables will now have a default of 10 rows rather than 5


2nd July 2018 - Release 100

Features & Performance Improvement

Performance Improvements

Introduction of Sub-Domains

Users will now access the platform through 'companydomain'

If you don't know your companydomain you can go to and click 'Don't know your company domain?' and receive an email with the information

To change your companydomain please contact support

Ability to opt-in or opt-out to updates

Administrators will now be able to opt-in or opt-out of updates from erwin

You will automatically be opted-out so if you wish to receive updates then please go into your settings and check the 'Opt-In' box

API Improvements - Patch

Updated colors and icons of erwin applications on the platform


We now log the following in the platform

oLogin's - Login attempts, Login successes, Login failures, Login attempt exceeded lockouts, Login - impersonations, Logouts, All HTTP requests

oExceptions: Bad requests - syntax, semantics, not found, Unauthorised/forbidden requests, Internal

oData: Correlation ID, Source IP address - if available, URL - if available, Client ID - if authenticated, User ID - if authenticated, Impersonator Client ID - if user is impersonated, Impersonator User ID - if user is impersonated

If you ever wish to obtain these logs for your system please contact support

URL Attributes are clickable Hyperlinks in all Views

When you create an Object Type Attribute of 'URL' the URL you enter is now a clickable Hyperlink

oIn order for your URL to work, it must contain https://

oYou can also use the URL of an internal system view by entering the highlighted section of a views URL:


7th June 2018 - Release 99

Features & Performance Improvement

Improvements to performance throughout the platform

Improved Table Navigation - Ability to skip to the first & last page as well as select a page from a drop-down list


16th May 2018 - Release 98

Features & Performance Improvements

Improvements to performance throughout the platform


27th April 2018 - Release 97

Features & Performance Improvements

API Improvements.

Improvements to the global search performance.

When adding an Action to create a new diagram. Users will be able to set the diagram type. If no diagram type is defined then users can select from a pick list.

Applications will be hidden if you don’t have an explicit license for that application. System administrators will still be able to see all applications to assign licenses.


18th April 2018 - Release 96

Features & Performance Improvements

Diagram types and diagrams are common to all products. Diagram instances will be visible and editable across all applications.

Initiating a browser refresh erwin DG will remember the active view and position within that view. Users also can now navigate backward/forward within a browser.

Searching for objects to relate to in a Relationship List pick list, performance will be improved. No objects will be returned until the user starts to type a meaningful phrase with which to search again.

Improvements to the API to make it much easier for clients to work with the MMF.

29th March 2018


1461120 - Fixed 'created by' not being set on imported objects

1460768 - Fixed empty lists bringing back all objects rather than none

1059626 - Fixed mandatory attribute validation not working

27th March 2018


1447164 - Fixed roadmaps failing to open when an object has no date set

22nd March 2018


1042503 - Fixed kanban cards not having a blue outline when selected

1355151 - Fixed timeout warning appearing behind panels

1356080 - Fixed 'Created by User' not working in filters

1398419 - Fixed search bar loader spinning after search has been cancelled

1430815 - Fixed kanbans spinning after loading an empty collection of objects

1374353 - Fixed not being able to open attributes on an object type

1430869 - Fixed tooltips not appearing for actions in tables

2nd March 2018

Features & Enhancements

Table views now remember applied filters, sorts and page sizes.


975475 - Fixed parent database objects not appearing on lineage diagrams

Multiple - Many fixes and changes to CSV import

22nd February 2018


1321463 - Fixed BPMN diagrams not being created correctly

15th February 2018


1287094 - Fixed diagrams not always appearing in lists

1302875 - Fixed 'Create Issue' button not appearing in several places

7th February 2018


1068787 - Fixed DM import failing when length(max) was used

5th February 2018

Features & Enhancements

New views - Added new view types, scatter charts, roadmaps and wordclouds.


1040198 - Fixed not being able to add view actions to tab layout header region

Product Licensing



Product Licensing



To know more about the information on Product Licensing, please refer to the User Management from erwin EA Agile V2 User Guide.

System Requirements



System Requirements



Supported Browsers:

Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.124

Microsoft EDGE Version 91.0.864.67

Mozilla Firefox Version 90.0.2

Recommended Network Speed:


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