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Collaboration Services 3.9.1 - Release Notes

Quest® Collaboration Services 3.9.1

Quest® Collaboration Services 3.9.1

About this release

Quest Collaboration Services allows companies to establish secure collaboration between users in different forests; being used on a continuous basis, it allows you to reduce the costs and complexities associated with managing a decentralized, multi-forest network. Quest Collaboration Services provides a consolidated view of all collaboration processes and gives easy access to object management functionality. It assists corporate IT administrators in synchronizing data between separated forests, while taking into account organizational and business demands.

Quest Collaboration Services can be deployed in a single company (for example, between divisions and subsidiaries) as well as between separate companies (such as partners, consultants, and vendors). Quest Collaboration Services allows for granular and selective data synchronization, including global address list (GAL), free/busy information and calendar details information.

Collaboration Services 3.9.1 is a patch release, with new enhancements and functionality. See Enhancements.


Table 1. Enhancements

Automatically clean up unused Mail profiles created by QCS. The cleanup process is triggered automatically when the number of your unused Mail profiles exceeds 10.


Added ability to synchronize the msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress attribute when the User to Contact mapper is enabled.


Removed alert on group to contact converting when the namespace of the secondary SMTP address is not present.


Added ability to sort non-applied objects by Synchronized Object, Conflicting Address or Target Object DN.


Resolved issues

Calendar Collector stopped working unexpectedly.


Cannot synchronize calendar when the value of legacyExchangeDN contains a tilde.


The synchronization of an AD user’s calendar got stuck due to an unspecified error (0x80004005).


Files installed by QCS showed an incorrect version number.


The error "Packet queue processing failed. Storage is corrupted" occurred while working with the management console.


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