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On Demand Migration Product Notification

Product Release

Please see the On Demand Migration Release Notes & On Demand Migration - Active Directory Release Notes for details on enhancements, corrections and improvements. 


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in On Demand Migration.


SharePoint migration

Performance improvement for sites with many users. Users are migrated as needed during the migration instead of all at once at the start of the migration. This will speed up migrations of sites with many active users and reduce warnings about unmapped users.403629


Resolved Issues

Mail Migration

Some types of mail messages are not migrated.427765

SharePoint Migration

Private channel team sites (TeamChannel site templates) could not be migrated in ODM SharePoint after being discovered during team provisioning in ODM Teams.425601
Term Store hangs during large migrations.428427
Conflict resolution fails if a migrated file is renamed and another item is added with the old file name.428768
Update content discovery task to reset the visibility of lists that were previously hidden in the ODM SharePoint list view.429215
User names that contain an apostrophe creates migration issues.428842
List was not set to Migrated with issues when the source and target counts did not match after a Refresh (Incremental/Repair) migration.428566

Known Issues

The following is a list of issues, including those attributed to third-party products, known to exist at the time of release.