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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.3 - Deployment Guide

Prerequisites for your installation Installing UC Analytics Configuring UC Analytics Adding data sources for Active Directory or Azure Active Directory Adding data sources, chargeback costs, and thresholds for Exchange and Exchange Online
Permissions needed to collect Exchange on-premises or hybrid data Permissions needed to collect from native Exchange Online Creating an Exchange Configuration data source Creating an Exchange Tracking Logs data source Creating an Exchange Mailbox Contents data source Do I need both Exchange Tracking Logs and Exchange Mailbox Contents collections? Creating an Exchange IIS Logs data source Creating an Exchange Mailbox Content Summary data source Creating an Exchange Calendar data source Creating an Exchange Public Folders data source Adding Exchange Online hybrid data sources for hybrid Office 365 Adding Exchange Online data sources for native Office 365 Setting chargeback costs for Exchange Setting thresholds for Exchange metrics Omitting words when filtering by subject or body
Adding data sources, chargeback costs, and thresholds for Skype for Business/Lync Adding data sources, chargeback, and thresholds for Cisco Managing which insights can seen by users Configuring and managing subscriptions Making changes to your deployment Appendix A:Configuring Exchange and Office 365 Appendix B:Configuring the Skype for Business or Lync Server Appendix C:Configuring IIS Log Files to capture ActiveSync or OWA events Appendix D:PowerShell cmdlets used by data sources Appendix E:Backup and recovery options Appendix F:Custom configurations Appendix G: Questions and answers about UC Analytics

Setting call classifications for Cisco

You can configure call classifications for your Cisco calls (such as local, long-distance, international, toll-free, and so on). When you set up chargeback costs, you can select the call classifications to which costs are assigned. For information about setting up chargeback costs, see Setting chargeback costs for Cisco .

For Cisco calls, you can define call classifications for outgoing peer-to-peer sessions, incoming peer-to-peer sessions, and internal peer-to-peer sessions.

When you define call classifications for Cisco outgoing and incoming calls, you must specify the endpoint that is being used for the call type. The endpoint is the port that is used by the call on the Cisco gateway. Gateways can have multiple endpoints dependent on the number of ports that each gateway contains.

You also enter phone number (usually a destination mask) and number of digits for different call classifications. For example, you can specify a phone number (or destination mask) for internal, local, toll-free and other types of calls. You can use one wild card (“*”) in the destination mask to match the pattern for the phone numbers in Cisco.

Click Classifications and click Call Classifications.
Click Add Classification for type of call that you want to define.

For both Lync and Cisco internal peer-to-peer sessions, you specify phone number information and the number of digits for both the caller and the callee.

Setting chargeback costs for Cisco

You can specify the costs at which your Cisco peer-to-peer calls and conference calls are charged. You can view the calculated values in the chargeback insights to determine the chargeback amounts for users or departments. You can use the chargeback insights to compare with external and internal billing.

For Cisco voice calls and peer-to-peer sessions, you can also create the call classifications that are used to identify the different types of calls for chargeback. For more information about specifying call classifications, see Setting call classifications for Cisco .

Setting thresholds for Cisco metrics

You can set thresholds for Cisco metrics, using different colors to identify minimum and maximum values that you want to track. When you set a threshold, you set the color that displays when the number is over or under a specified value. When you a viewing the metrics in an insight table, if the threshold value is reached, the metric displays in the color you specified.

By default, the Thresholds Classification page lists key Lync QoE thresholds that can be set. You can set thresholds for the following Cisco session and conference metrics:

Click Classifications and click Thresholds.
Click Add classification.
To add another threshold for the metric, click Add threshold and specify the value, units of measure, and color.

Managing which insights can seen by users

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