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Change Auditor - For Advanced Users 7.4 - Technical Insight Guide

Change Auditor Services Change Auditor licensing processes Component Start-up Considerations Change Auditor network communications Coordinator internal tasks Registry Settings Change Auditor built-in fault tolerance Change Auditor protection Database Considerations Account exclusions best practices

SQL upgrade monitor

The SQL upgrade monitor scheduled task checks to see if any other coordinator is in the process of trying to upgrade. If it finds a different coordinator that is trying to upgrade, it shuts down the coordinator.

Open handle

The open handle scheduled task logs the handle and thread counts to the debug log. It also logs information about the working set memory, watching for memory leaks.

Scheduled purge job

The scheduled purge job task checks every five minutes to determine if it needs to run a job. Using the Purge Jobs task on the Administration Tasks page, you can create and schedule purge jobs to delete events older than a specific calendar interval.

When the purge job runs, by default it purges a maximum of 500,000 events in that five minute period. If there are more than 500,000 events to be purged, then five minutes later another 500,000 events are purged until all of the events are purged.If there are 500,000 events or less in a purge job, then the purge job task checks again in the next five minutes and obeys the ‘next run’ time.

You cannot change the scheduled purge job task cycle; however, you can modify the Batch Limit setting on the Purge Job wizard to specify the maximum number of events to be purged each purge cycle.

Scheduled archive job

select to create a yearly archive database for older events that are no longer required to be represented in your reports.

When scheduling an archive job for the first time it may take a long time to complete (depending on how many years of data you are asking to be archived). Batch limit does not apply to an archive type job.

When running an archive job, you need to pay attention to disk space growth on the SQL server.


Before scheduling a job, ensure that you have reviewed the best practice information in the Change Auditor User Guide - Purging and Archiving your Change Auditor Database: Planning your jobs section.

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