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Change Auditor - For Advanced Users 7.4 - Technical Insight Guide

Change Auditor Services Change Auditor licensing processes Component Start-up Considerations Change Auditor network communications Coordinator internal tasks Registry Settings Change Auditor built-in fault tolerance Change Auditor protection Database Considerations Account exclusions best practices

User counts

The coordinator determines maximum licensed users by comparing the value associated with the component license to the total count of users in each domain. The coordinator does this by issuing LDAP queries to Active Directory using specific filters for a precise count.



Workstation counts are based on the actual number of workstations harvested in the topology.


Component Start-up Considerations

This section describes installation notes and best practices:

Start up delays

When set to ‘false’ the GeneratePublisherEvidence setting is used to bypass digital signature verification for programs on start-up which allows for faster start up time. This is set to false by default for the following components in Change Auditor: Coordinator, Windows client, Coordinator Configuration and Coordinator Status in the system tray.

If required, you can change this setting to 'true' to allow digital signatures to be verified, by modifying the following files:


Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Service\ChangeAuditor.Service.exe.config

Windows Client

Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Client\ChangeAuditor.exe.config

Coordinator Configuration

Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Service\ConfigureDatabase.exe.config

Coordinator Status

Program Files\Quest\ChangeAuditor\Service\CoordinatorTray.exe.config

Modify the configuration file as follows to change the setting to ‘true’:



<generatePublisherEvidence enabled="true"/>



Change Auditor network communications

This section explains the network communications used by Change Auditor including a description of how it uses Service Connection Points (SCPs) to locate the coordinator, the listening ports used for communication between the Change Auditor services, and the network encryption used to secure sensitive information.

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