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Change Auditor - For Advanced Users 7.4 - Technical Insight Guide

Change Auditor Services Change Auditor licensing processes Component Start-up Considerations Change Auditor network communications Coordinator internal tasks Registry Settings Change Auditor built-in fault tolerance Change Auditor protection Database Considerations Account exclusions best practices

Group expansion

The group expansion scheduled task is for expanding nested membership of Active Directory groups that are referenced in searches (Who search criteria) or groups that are defined in the Member of Group feature. Group membership is recursively enumerated in order to determine nested group membership.

The refresh frequency can be configured using the Group Membership Expansion pane on the Coordinator Configuration page (Administration Tasks tab) of the client.

Alert processing

Change Auditor reports that have been alert enabled are run on a scheduled basis determined by the user selected alert priority. After all the reports have been processed for alerting, Change Auditor alert transport tasks (SMTP, SNMP and WMI) send the alerts.

To set the priority for an alert, use the Alert tab (one of the Search Properties tab) on the Searches page of the client.

License check

The coordinator service performs a valid license check once every 5 minutes, or during service startup. For more information on the license check process, see Change Auditor licensing processes.

Remote deployment

The coordinator remote deployment task periodically checks if there has been a user scheduled agent deployment or an automatic deployment. When agent installations, upgrades or uninstalls are required the remote deployment task remotely runs the job on the selected servers and workstations.

Automatic deployments for new domain objects are configured using the New Servers tool bar button on the Deployment page in the client.

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