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Change Auditor - For Advanced Users 7.4 - Technical Insight Guide

Change Auditor Services Change Auditor licensing processes Component Start-up Considerations Change Auditor network communications Coordinator internal tasks Registry Settings Change Auditor built-in fault tolerance Change Auditor protection Database Considerations Account exclusions best practices

Foreign Agent Credentials

When you select one or more deployed foreign agents from the Deployment tab, you can select to update the information the agent uses to connect to the coordinator.  When initiated, the remote deployment task remotely runs the job on the selected servers and workstations. The agent service is restarted to complete the update. See the Change Auditor Installation Guide for more information on foreign forest agent deployment and credential updates.

Agent heartbeat check

By default, the coordinator service marks an agent as ‘inactive’ when it has not received any updates from the Change Auditor agent for 30 minutes.

This interval can be changed from the Agent Heartbeat pane on the Coordinator Configuration page (Administration Tasks tab) of the client.

Refresh coordinator statistics

The coordinator status dialog that appears as part of the coordinator system tray application contains counts of events and alerts. These statistics are periodically recalculated by the coordinator to keep the information as up-to-date as possible.

Event aggregator

The event aggreator scheduled task handles the collecting of all incoming agent events. The coordinator receives agent events (batched from the agent) and stores them in temporary storage for bulk uploading to the database. If the bulk uploading has issues (timeouts, etc.), then those events are stored in transaction logs for future uploading. The coordinator can also report to agents that it is too busy (rejects events), which defers the agents from uploading events or allows the agent to send the events to a different coordinator.

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