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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.3 - User Guide

Introducing Quest UC Analytics Viewing UC Analytics insights Modifying UC Analytics insights Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights Automatically exporting and sending insights (subscriptions) Appendix A:Questions and Answers for UC Analytics insights Appendix B:List of UC Analytics insights

Excluding today's data in insights

For environments with a large amount of data in which data source collections can run for several hours or longer, you might want to exclude today’s data from displaying in insights that show a relative date range such as 7 days or 28 days. The Exclude Today option is useful when the collection jobs for today have not completed which might result in incomplete data appearing in insights.

Select Edit Profile.
Under Insight, select Exclude Today option.
Click Save.

Turning off or resetting pop-up tips

UC Analytics provides a tour of the different aspects of the My Insights home page and of insights through pop-up tips that guide you. The pop up tips are displayed the first time you access different areas of the web site. You can either turn off tips or reset tip in your user profile.

Select User Profile.
To reset tips so that they display again, select the Show tips check box and click Reset Tips.
Click Save.

What is an insight?

A main insight contains one or more views that allow you to see different aspects of the relevant data. Each insight can be comprised of different charts and graphs that provide different views of the data. To see specific data values, hover over a data point on the chart or graph.

Viewing the insight details

For each insight, there is a details browser that allows you to see the full data set that comprises the insight.

To access the details browser while viewing an insight, click the details browser icon in the top right corner. For more information about the details browser, see Drilling down to detailed information .

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