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Unified Communications Analytics 8.8.3 - User Guide

Introducing Quest UC Analytics Viewing UC Analytics insights Modifying UC Analytics insights Exporting and importing UC Analytics insights Automatically exporting and sending insights (subscriptions) Appendix A:Questions and Answers for UC Analytics insights Appendix B:List of UC Analytics insights

What are insight subscriptions?

In addition to viewing insights on the Analytics web site, you can create subscriptions for insights. Subscriptions allow you to automatically export selected insights to a format such as .pdf, Microsoft Word (.docx), HTML, MTHTML, .csv (raw or localized), or .tsv (raw or localized). You can configure a subscription to send the exported insight to one or more email addresses or to a file share.

You create a schedule for each subscription so that the subscription insights are exported and sent on a regular basis.

Enabling target outputs in Admin Settings

Before you can create and send subscriptions, the types of target outputs that you want to use must be enabled (email target and file share target) in the Admin Settings for all subscriptions.

Also, if you are sending subscriptions by email, the SMTP relay server that is used to email the subscriptions must be specified. These setting are configured in Admin Settings under the Subscriptions tile. You must be a product administrator to access and configure Admin Settings.

For more information about Admin Settings, see the Unified Communications Analytics Deployment Guide.

About security access for subscriptions

An insight included in a subscription is run as the user who created the subscription, not as the users to whom the subscription email is addressed.

If you have unrestricted access and you create subscriptions for insights with sensitive data, ensure that the insight has appropriate content for all the subscription recipients.

Creating and changing your subscriptions

You can add a new subscription at any time and include one or more insights in each subscription. You can enable a subscription when you create it or you can create a disabled subscription that will not do a scheduled run until it is enabled at a later date. (You can use Run Now to run a disabled subscription.)

UC Analytics determines the time zone that is used for scheduling subscriptions from the regional settings of the computer that is running the user browser. You can override the time zone that is used through your user profile. For more information see Overriding the time zone offset .

Click beside Manage subscriptions.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next and enter the target information.
Click Save and close.
Click Save and close.

Create a new subscription.

Refresh subscription statuses

Refreshes the currently displayed list of subscriptions.

Retry all failed

Rerun all subscriptions that previously failed. This option is visible if at least one subscription has failed.

After you have created a subscription, you might want to run the subscription immediately so that you can review the results. You can use the Run Now option for either an enabled or disabled subscription.

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