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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - User Guide

SQL Optimizer for IBM® DB2® LUW
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Privileges for Creating User-Defined Temp Tables

To create or modify temporary tables in the User-Defined Temp Table module, the logon user needs the following privileges:

  • Connection to DB2 LUW 7 or above

  • USE privilege on the USER TEMPORARY table space or SYSADM or DBADM authority.


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Create Temporary Tables

Temporary tables only exist in your current session. In order to optimize a SQL statement that uses temporary tables, these tables need to be created in this session before you optimize. The User-Defined Temp Table window allows the creation of temporary tables to be use throughout modules that use the original sessions that is created as you logon.

Temporary tables created in the User-Defined Temp Table module are used in the SQL Optimizer, Index Expert, and SQL Scanner. They also can be viewed in the Database Explorer.

Temporary tables are dropped when you:

  • Exit from the program

  • Reconnect with the same or a different user logon

  • Drop it using the User-Defined Temp Table module

To create temporary tables

  1. Click  image\B_UserDefinedTempTable.gif.
  2. Enter the SQL for temporary table on the Creation tab. Multiple commands can be entered.
  3. Click Execute.

After the temp table is created you will notice an icon appearing on the bottom right of the main window status. This icon will disappear when all User-Defined Temp Tables are dropped.

User-Defined Temp Table only supports SQL statements that create or modify temporary . These are:






Temp tables created within the User-Defined Temp Table window can be used throughout SQL Optimizer.


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View SQL Scripts of Temporary Tables

After the user-defined temporary tables are created, you can view the SQL scripts used to create and populate the tables.

To review the DDL for creating temporary tables

  1. Click image\B_UserDefinedTempTable.gif.

  2. Select the Temp Table List tab.

  3. Select the desire temporary table from the Temp Table list.


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Drop Temporary Tables

After the User-Defined temporary tables are created, you can delete them.

To delete temporary tables

  1. Click image\B_UserDefinedTempTable.gif.

  2. Select the Temp Table List tab.

  3. If you want to remove all temp tables, click Drop All Table.

  4. Otherwise, select the desire temp table from the Temp Table list and then click Drop Table.


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