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SQL Optimizer for DB2 LUW 4.3.1 - User Guide

SQL Optimizer for IBM® DB2® LUW
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The Scenario can be re-executed using the same indexes. You can choose to retrieve the access plans for all SQL statements in the Scenario or select specific SQL to retrieve the access plan again using the same indexes.

The function is useful if changes have occurred in the database environment, such as data volume changes, that may affect access plans.

To regenerate the access plan

  1. Select the Scenario from the left pane.

  2. Right-click and select Regenerate.

  3. Check the SQL statements whose current access plans you would like retrieved again.


Rename an Index Impact Analyzer

You can rename an analysis in the Index Impact Analyzer window in two ways.

To rename an Analyzer

  1. Select the Analysis you want to modify from the left pane.

  2. Right-click and select Rename. Change the name and press Enter.


Select Modify and change the name.


Delete an Index Impact Analysis

To delete an analysis

  1. In the Index Impact Analyzer window, select the analysis you want to delete in the left pane.

  2. Right-click and select Delete.


Index Impact Analyzer Functions

Below is a list of available functions within the Index Impact Analyzer window.

Button or Menu


Analysis & Right-click Menu


New Analysis/Abort Analysis

Right-click Menu

Add Folder

Right-click Menu

Add Scenario

Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu


Right-click Menu



Create Indexes



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