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Spotlight on Oracle 10.7 - Getting Started Guide

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Waits Page

The Waits page shows wait events for the Oracle database. Deal With Wait Events

To open the Waits page

  1. Select the Spotlight on Oracle connection in the Spotlight Browser.
  2. Click Activity | Waits.

Event Waits Grid

The Event Waits grid shows each individual wait event, together with the rate of waits, and time waited over the past time period.


  • Double-click an event to show the Waiting Events Page corresponding to that event.
  • Click to Show all waits or Hide idle waits.
Column Description


The name of the event.

Total waits

The total number of waits.


How many waits per second.

% Total

The percentage of waits of this event against waits of all events.

Total wait time

The total amount of the time waited, measured in milliseconds.

Wait time/s

The number of milliseconds waited per second.

% Total

The percentage of the waited time of this event against waited times of all events.

Avg wait

The average time waited, measured in milliseconds.

Event category  

Event Waits Chart

The Event Waits chart (also available on the ActivitySummary Page ) shows the amount of time (in milliseconds) that sessions have spent waiting on various events per second. Event wait categories from V$SYSTEM_EVENT are aggregated into categories so that they can be graphed.

For more information about wait events, see Deal With Wait Events.


  • Every chart has a legend (list of symbols) to its right that describes the various series (line graphs) on the chart.
  • Click an item in the legend to highlight its series (line) in the chart. Click a second time to return the series to its normal appearance.
  • Move the mouse pointer over an item in the legend to view the current value for that series within the chart.


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