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SharePlex Manager 3.0 - User Guide

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SharePlex Manager Overview



SharePlex Manager harnesses the technology of Foglight 5 to provide 24 x 7 monitoring of your entire SharePlex infrastructure, from the initial capture of the Oracle redo logs in the source database to the importing and post processing of that data in each target database. In addition, SharePlex Manager enables users to execute control commands on replication processes.

In SharePlex Manager, specific data concerning database replication are collected and stored in the Foglight database. SharePlex Manager then transforms this data and displays performance-related metrics visually to the user in a series of easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Any warnings or errors encountered by SharePlex during the replication process are displayed to the user as color-coded alerts.

By visualizing SharePlex information this way, SharePlex Manager allows you to optimize performance and diagnose database replication problems before they cause serious disruptions or downtime. For example, if the latency in a particular replication process is unexpectedly high, SharePlex Manager can quickly tell you in which stage of the process the problem originates. With the proper security rights, you then could execute a Stop command on the process, resolve the problem, and then re-start the process by executing a Start command.

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