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Replicator 7.4 - Product and Concepts Guide

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition provides a complete feature set that is applicable to customers with mission critical, high volume replication requirements, including support for multiple processing servers, transaction logging, and programming APIs. This edition is ideal for WAN replication. It provides a heavy-duty version of Replicator which allows for scenarios like ship-to-shore Maritime replication, and Military Tactical SharePoint replication. It works ideally for global replication, allowing for a global mesh topology setup.

Cross Domain Edition

The Cross domain edition provides all of the features available in the Enterprise edition of Replication, with the addition of SFTP settings. The SFTP settings provide support for Cross Security Domain replication, which required communication with an intermediary server that does package inspection. This new transport method provide a secure method of transporting replicated content which is FIPS compliant.

Standard Edition

The Standard edition provides customers with an ideal solution for geo-replication of content, and the perfect solution for an organization that has a global user base with a need for instant global availability of SharePoint content. Standard edition will enable you to do this with a simple hub-and-spoke replication environment setup.

Standard edition also includes support for the replication of look and feel settings and changes between the same major editions of SharePoint. For example, you can replicate list views from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2010 and from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2013. Standard edition also supports the live processing of workflows on multiple farms.

Express Edition

The Express edition of Replicator is the ideal solution for small-scale replication environments. This includes intranet to extranet SharePoint environments, departmental SharePoint environments, and basic farm to farm continuous migration scenarios.

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