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Replicator 7.4 - Product and Concepts Guide


Groups identify which connections in a Replication Network will be used to replicate changes as specified by a map family. When defining groups, consider the following relationships:

·A map family only has one group.

·A group allows you to specify which connections fit within a map family.

·A single connection can belong to multiple groups.

The following illustrations show how group membership affects what is replicated between connected web applications. The red lines indicate that the connection is a member of the group used by the map family.

Bidirectional Replication

For bidirectional replication, both connections for a pair of web applications must belong to the same group. When you create the map family for Branch Offices Group on Corporate Office Portal, the map family is replicated to London Office Portal. Since the Branch Offices Group exists on London Office Portal, the map family also captures changes made to London Office Portal and replicates them along the same group to Corporate Office Portal.

One-way Replication

For one-way replication, the map family's group must only exist on the outbound web application. When the map family for the Extranet Group is replicated to Extranet Portal that group does not exist on extranet and so no changes are captured and replicated from Extranet Portal.

Mixed Replication

We can combine one-way and bidirectional replication in the same network. If you created the map family on London Office Portal, then it would be replicated to Corporate Office Portal. Corporate Office Portal has two outbound connections that belong to the same group; ensuring changes made on Corporate Office Portal are replicated to both Extranet Portal and back to London Office Portal.

Since the Extranet to Corporate connection does not belong to the group, changes made on Extranet are not replicated back to Corporate Office Portal.

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