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QoreStor 6.0.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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Managing QoreStor Storage Operations
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schedule --help


Displays the list of schedule-related options that can be used as a reference when using the QoreStor CLI.


schedule --help


schedule --show [--cleaner]
	[--name <name>]
schedule --add --day <Day of the week (Sunday|Monday...)>
	[--start_time <HH:MM>]
	[--stop_time <HH:MM>]	
	[--name <name>]
schedule --delete --day <Day of the week (Sunday|Monday...)>
	[--name <name>]
schedule --help
schedule <command> <command-arguments>
<command> can be one of:
	--show     Displays command specific information.
	--add      Adds a schedule for cleaner (use on source DR).
	--delete   Deletes a cleaner schedule (use on source DR).
For command-specific help, please type schedule --help <command>
schedule --help show


The VTL commands allow you to manage the virtual tape library (VTL) containers you have created for your system, including the ability to create additional tapes for your libraries, set drives to read/write, or activate and deactivate replica VTLs.

VTL Command Usage

This topic introduces the QoreStor CLI commands that allow you to manage the virtual tape library (VTL) containers you have created for your system, which include:

  • vtl --show [options]
  • vtl --update_carts [options]
  • vtl --import_cart [options]
  • vtl --activate --name [options]
  • vtl --deactivate --name
  • vtl --rescan --name [options]
  • vtl --set_rw [options]
  • vtl --show_replstate --name
  • vtl --help

vtl --show [--name <name>]


This command allows you to see the status of a specified virtual tape library (VTL). It displays detailed information about VTL, such as media type, vendor, model, generic device information, serial number, library size, and tape status information. The first example below shows the result information for Container vtl1 of type VTL with an NDMP connection. The second example shows Container iscsi-vtl1 of type VTL with an iSCSI connection.


vtl --show [--verbose] [--name <name>]


--verbose   Display more details.
--name      Name of a valid VTL container


 Type   Vendor  Model           Serial          Info            ID
 medi   DELL    DR_L700         81BL3T_00          10 10GB      10
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_01       Not loaded      11
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_02       Not loaded      12
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_03       Not loaded      13
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_04       Not loaded      14
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_05       Not loaded      15
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_06       Not loaded      16
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_07       Not loaded      17
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_08       Not loaded      18
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_09       Not loaded      19
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     81BL3T_10       Not loaded      20

 Type   Vendor  Model           Serial          Info            ID
 medi   DELL    DR_L700         NQ9VL5_00         110 100GB     30
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_01       Not loaded      31
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_02       Not loaded      32
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_03       Not loaded      33
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_04       Not loaded      34
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_05       Not loaded      35
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_06       Not loaded      36
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_07       Not loaded      37
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_08       Not loaded      38
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_09       Not loaded      39
 tape   IBM     ULT3580-TD4     NQ9VL5_10       Not loaded      40

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