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QoreStor 6.0.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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Managing QoreStor Storage Operations
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sc_manager enable --property <path_to_sc_client.property_file>


Enables Secure Connect for the machine on which the command is run.


If run from the directory containing the file:

sc_manager enable

If run from a different directory:

/opt/qorestor/bin/sc_manager enable--property <path_to_sc_client.property_file>


SecureConnect.enabled = true



This set of QoreStor CLI commands let you display the current statistics for a QoreStor in the following categories:

  • All containers (cumulative): --system
  • CPU: --cpu
  • Memory: --memory
  • NFS: --nfs
  • CIFS: --cifs
  • OST media server: --ost
  • RDS media server --rds
  • NDMP: --ndmp
  • Completed NDMP sessions: --ndmp_completed
  • iSCSI: --iscsi [--verbose]
  • A specific container: --container --name
  • Storage group: --storage_group --name <name>
  • Replication: --replication
  • Cleaner: --cleaner
  • Clients: --clients [--type <NFS|CIFS|OST|RDS|NDMP|ISCSI>]
  • Seeding: --seed
  • Cloud tiers: --cloud_tier
  • Peformance tier: --performance_tier
  • Help: --help

In addition, this QoreStor CLI command also allows you to reset the following statistic types:

  • RDS --reset --rds

Stats Command Usage

This topic introduces the stats command usage:

  • stats --system
  • stats --cpu
  • stats --memory
  • stats --nfs
  • stats --cifs
  • stats --ost
  • stats --rds
  • stats --container --name
  • stats --storage_group --name
  • stats --replication [options]
  • stats --cleaner
  • stats --clients [options]
  • stats --reset [options]
  • stats --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

stats --system


Displays the current cumulative system statistics for all of the configured containers on a QoreStor.


stats --system


stats --system
Capacity Used                   : 0.0 GiB
Capacity Used in GB             : 0.000
Capacity Free                   : 949.0 GiB
Capacity Free in GB             : 1018.945
Metadata Used                   : 64.0 GiB
Metadata Used in GB             : 68.724
Total Capacity                  : 5118.0 GiB
Total Capacity in GB            : 5495.419
Licensed Capacity               : 0.0 GiB
Licensed Capacity in GB         : 0.000
Read Throughput                 : 0.00 MiB/s
Write Throughput                : 0.00 MiB/s
Current Files                   : 0
Current Bytes                   : 0
Post Dedupe Bytes               : 0
Post Compression Bytes          : 0
Post Encryption Bytes           : 0
Post Encryption Bytes in GiB    : 0.0 GiB
Cleaner Status                  : Done
Compression Status              : Done
Total Inodes                    : 0
Bytes decrypted                 : 0
Dedupe Savings                  : 0.00 %
Compression Savings             : 0.00 %
Total Savings                   : 0.00 %			
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