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QoreStor 6.0.0 - Command Line Reference Guide

Introduction to the QoreStor Command Line Reference Guide Introducing QoreStor Managing QoreStor
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system --help


Displays the list of all system-related options that can be used as a reference when using the QoreStor CLI.


system --help


	system --show 
                 [--license] [--verbose]
	  system --license 
		  [--show] [--verbose]
		  [--validate] [--file <path>]		
		  [--add] [--file <path>]										
	  system --storage [--add] [--path <path>]

         system --help

   system <command> <command-arguments>
   <command> can be one of:
  	--show                  Displays command specific information.  
 	--license               Installs the license on the machine.
    	--storage		Configure / Display storage properties.
For command-specific help, please type system --help <command>
            system --help show


This topic introduces the QoreStor CLI commands that allow you to manage user accounts by enabling or disabling user accounts, adding and updating users, setting passwords, deleting users, and displaying the list of current active user accounts logged in to a QoreStor.

User Command Usage

This topic introduces the user command usage:

  • user --show [options]
  • user --add --name [options]
  • user --update --name [options]
  • user --delete --name
  • user --setpassword --name
  • user --help

NOTE: If you specify a command without supplying the expected value or option, you will be prompted to provide the correct value or option.

user --show [--users] [--logins] [--verbose][--name <username>] [--roles <cifs|ost|rda|ndmp|iscsi|monitor|administrator|email_recipient>


Displays the current status of the service and root user accounts (using the user --show --users command), and also displays the login types and login times on a QoreStor (using the user --show --logins command).


user --show [--users] 
	[--name <user name>]
	[--roles <cifs|||||||secure_connect>]


--users     List of users.
--logins    List of logins.
--verbose   verbose
--name      show a specific user.
--roles     List all users who has these roles


Service Account                 : Disabled
Root Account                    : Enabled

User Name                       : backup_user
User Roles                      : ,

User Name                       : admin
User Roles                      : 

Other Examples

Displays the current status of login attempts on a QoreStor.

user --show --logins
User Name       Terminal    Login Time
root            pts/1       Oct 24 10:51 (
root            pts/2       Oct 23 20:41 (
root            pts/3       Oct 23 20:41 (
root            pts/5       Oct 24 09:35 (
   pts/6       Oct 24 12:32 (
root            pts/7       Oct 24 12:24 (

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