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NetVault SmartDisk 11.4.5 - Installation Guide

Introducing NetVault SmartDisk Understanding NetVault SmartDisk architecture Planning your NetVault SmartDisk deployment Installing NetVault SmartDisk Licensing NetVault SmartDisk Completing the installation process Uninstalling NetVault SmartDisk Reinstalling NetVault SmartDisk Upgrading NetVault SmartDisk Troubleshooting

Target audience

This guide is intended for backup administrators and other technical personnel who are responsible for designing and implementing a backup strategy for the organization. A good understanding of the operating system (OS) on which NetVault SmartDisk is running is assumed.

Recommended additional reading

The following documentation is also available:

Quest NetVault SmartDisk Administrator’s Guide: This guide describes how to configure and work with NetVault SmartDisk.
Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide: This guide lists the operating systems and versions supported by NetVault SmartDisk.

You can download these guides from

Understanding NetVault SmartDisk architecture

NetVault SmartDisk architecture: an overview

NetVault Backup is used as an example throughout this section; however, you can use any product that works with NetVault SmartDisk.

Figure 1. Instance

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