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NetVault SmartDisk 11.4.5 - Administration Guide

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Verifying that the client ports are open

Quest recommends that you verify that the ports are open between the backup clients and the system on which NetVault SmartDisk is installed.

To verify that the ports are open, you can use a wget command, a web browser, or a different method of your choice. If the port is open, the command returns the status information.

In the following examples, replace <port#> with the applicable port number, and replace <hostName> with the IP address of the machine on which NetVault SmartDisk is installed.

Using the wget command

wget http://<localhost>:<port#>/proc/dedupe/stats.stnz
wget http://<hostName>:<port#>/proc/dedupe/stats.stnz

Using a web browser


Adding devices to your software product

After you have installed NetVault SmartDisk, you must add it as a backup device in your software product before you can target it for backups and restores. For more information, see the documentation that came with your backup software.

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