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NetVault SmartDisk 11.4.5 - Administration Guide

Introducing NetVault SmartDisk Integrating NetVault SmartDisk with your backup product Using the command-line interface (CLI) Configuring NetVault SmartDisk Monitoring performance Troubleshooting

Target audience

This guide is intended for backup administrators and other technical personnel who are responsible for designing and implementing a backup strategy for the organization. A good understanding of the operating system (OS) on which NetVault SmartDisk is running is assumed.

Recommended additional reading

The following documentation is also available:

Quest NetVault SmartDisk Installation/Upgrade Guide: This guide describes how to install NetVault SmartDisk.
Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide: This guide lists the operating systems and versions supported by NetVault SmartDisk.

You can download these guides from

Integrating NetVault SmartDisk with your backup product

Integration: an overview

NetVault SmartDisk integrates with most products by adding a NetVault SmartDisk Instance to your product as a backup device — a NetVault SmartDisk Device — that you can target for backups and restores.

NetVault SmartDisk uses the transmission control protocol (TCP) to communicate with your product.

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