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NetVault Plug-in for VaultShare (ACSLS) 11.4.5 - User Guide

Removing SSI

For more information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Configuring the plug-in

Adding an ACSLS library

To use an ACSLS library for NetVault Backup backups and restores, you must first add the device to the NetVault Backup Server and complete the device configuration procedure.

In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration, and then on the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Add Storage Devices.
In the Navigation pane, click Manage Devices, and then click Add Device.
Select the Tape library/media changer option, and click Next.
In the Choose library table, select the device that you want to add, and click Next
In the Choose Machine table, select the client to which the drive is attached.
If the device is connected to multiple clients, select any client, and click Next to scan the selected client and list the attached devices.
In the Choose drive for bay table, select the device that you want to add, and click Next.
If the device is connected to multiple clients, for example, in a SAN setup, all the host clients are listed in the Choose Machines table. This page is not displayed if the drive is connected to a single client.

Configuring default settings

To configure an ACSLS library, use the following procedure.

On the Configuration page, click Server Settings, and then click Plugin Options.
Under ACSLS Connections, configure the following settings.


When one ACSLS server supports two logical libraries on a single IP address, you must configure a separate ACSLS User ID (Access ID) for each library.

In ACSLS User ID 1, specify the user account for library 1.

The user ID can contain a maximum of 64 characters. It is stored in the ACS library configuration file. Each user ID is associated with the NVACSLSMGR process that runs for the library; it is added to the ACS message header of each request to the ACSLS Server.


Specify the user account for library 2.

Scan Using Each User ID

By default, scanning is performed without using the User IDs.

To perform scanning using the specified ACSLS user IDs, select this check box.

Log Setting Of User ID

To add the user ID to the ACS message header, select this check box.

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