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NetVault Plug-in for VaultShare (ACSLS) 11.4.5 - User Guide

Single ACSLS System with NetVault Backup Clients

In a Single ACSLS System environment with NetVault Backup Clients, the plug-in is installed on the NetVault Backup Server. The NetVault Backup Client software with SmartClient license is installed on the machines being protected. During backups, the data flows directly from the NetVault Backup Client to the Library Management Unit.

To control a single ACSLS System from the NetVault Backup Server but have the data flow directly from the NetVault Backup Clients to the Library Management Unit, perform the following steps:


Multiple ACSLS Systems

NetVault Backup can be configured to control multiple ACSLS Systems. This configuration is done by adding multiple NetVault Backup ACSLS Mangers to the NetVault Backup Server.

Add ACSLS Devices from the NetVault Backup Device Management window. Make sure to select the corresponding ACSLS Manager when adding the ACSLS Devices.

Installing and removing the plug-in


Before you start the installation procedure, ensure that the following requirements are met:

Install ACSLS Server software: Obtain and install the ACSLS Server software on the machine designated as the ACSLS Server. On an IBM or compatible mainframe machine, install the LibStation software. The library management software and license can be obtained from Oracle StorageTek. For instructions on installing the software, consult the relevant Oracle StorageTek documentation.
Install NetVault Backup Server or Client software: On the system designated as the ACSLS Manager, install the NetVault Backup Server or Client software. With the NetVault Backup Client software, you require the additional SmartClient license. For details on installing the NetVault Backup software, see the Quest NetVault Backup Installation Guide.
Add NetVault Backup Client: If you have installed the NetVault Backup Client software (with SmartClient license) on the ACSLS Manager, then add the client to the NetVault Backup Server. For details, see the Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.
Install CSC Software: Install the CSC software on the ACSLS Manager. The CSC software enables communication between the ACSLS Manager (ACSLS Client) and the ACSLS Server. The CSC software is different for the Windows, Linux, and UNIX platforms:
Windows-based client: On a Windows machine, you require the LibAttach Software. LibAttach can be obtained from Oracle StorageTek. It must be installed on the ACSLS Manager before installing the Plug‑in for VaultShare (ACSLS). The ACSLS interactivity does not function without LibAttach. For detailed instructions on installing LibAttach, consult the relevant Oracle StorageTek documentation. Unless your network is properly configured for DNS name resolution, provide the IP Address for the NetVault Backup ACSLS Server when prompted for the Host Name during installation.
Linux- or UNIX-based client: On a Linux, Solaris, and MP RAS UNIX platforms, you require the SSI Software. SSI is bundled with the Plug‑in for VaultShare (ACSLS), and copied to the ACSLS Manager when you install the plug-in. More steps are required to install the SSI software, which is covered in Installing SSI on the ACSLS Manager.
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