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NetVault Plug-in for VaultShare (ACSLS) 11.4.5 - User Guide

Deploying the plug-in

ACSLS architecture

Oracle StorageTek ACSLS centralizes management of tape libraries in a heterogeneous environment, allowing you to share the library resources with any ACSLS-enabled application such as NetVault Backup, and control multiple libraries from a single point. An ACSLS system includes the following components.

ACSLS Server: The ACSLS Server consists of the library management software and the ACSLS database. The ACSLS Server manages the physical aspects of tape cartridge storage and retrieval. It receives the robotic requests from NetVault Backup and uses the Library Management Unit (LMU) to find, and mount or unmount the correct tape cartridge on media management requests. The ACSLS Server is connected to the Automated Control System (ACS) through a SCSI, Fiber Channel, or Ethernet connection.
ACSLS Client: The ACSLS Client can be a NetVault Backup Server or Client which is connected to the ACSLS Server and the ACS. It is called the ACSLS Manager and consists of the following components:
Client System Component: The CSC software acts as an interface between NetVault Backup and ACSLS.
Automated Control System (ACS): An ACS consists of the following components:
Library Management Unit: LMU is the software component of the ACS, which manages Library Storage Modules (LSM), allocates their resources and communicates with the ACSLS.
Library Storage Module: The hardware component containing the media, drives, and the robotic arm.

Deployment overview

NetVault Backup can be configured to control a single ACSLS System or multiple ACSLS Systems. These deployments allow you to control multiple libraries, and manage media and job requests from a single point of control. Following are some example deployments of NetVault Backup in an ACSLS environment.

Single ACSLS System

In a Single ACSLS System environment, the plug-in is installed on the NetVault Backup Server or a NetVault Backup SmartClient. The NetVault Backup Heterogeneous Client software is installed on the machines being protected. During backups, the data flows along the ACSLS Data Path from the NetVault Backup Client to the NetVault Backup Server, and then to the Library Management Unit.

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