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Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.15 - User Guide

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Console
Overview Console configuration using the setup wizard Advanced configuration options Database discovery QuickPlace/Quickr discovery Domino.Doc discovery Discover directory entries Import database records Notes databases Applications Classification Rules Classification Rule Properties SharePoint Targets Scheduled tasks Reports Task history Link Analyzer/Updater/Finalizer License
Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Designer Migration jobs Appendix: Reference information

Go to Notes database

This action will launch Notes if it is not already open and take you to the selected Notes database.

Import default Notes views

This action will import the following set of views to the selected Notes database from a local database “NMSP Views”:

zz_AllByForm: This view displays all documents by Form, and also indicates whether the document is a main document or a response document (contains a $Ref field).
zz_Categories: This view displays the number of categories per Notes document.
zz_CategoryLevels: This view displays the maximum of hierarchical Category levels for each Notes document.
zz_CreateMod: This view displays when a Notes document was last modified or created.
zz_DocSize: This view displays the total size of documents.
zz_Private: This view displays all documents that have a Readers field set – Private documents – and cannot be read by the current (migrator) Notes ID.
zz_ReplConflicts: This view displays the Replication Conflicts in the database.
zz_Responses: This view displays all response documents in the database.
zz_RichText: This view displays the size of documents and number of attachments in documents.
zz_SubjectMain: This view displays all main documents categorized on Subject.

For more information about these views, see

Open database design

This action will open the database design in Domino Designer. This requires that Domino Designer be installed.

Open local design copy

This action will open the copy of the database design that was created during the Analyze databases action if the Copy database designs to local folder option was selected. This action will not appear for a database if a local copy of the design has not been created.

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