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Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.14 - User Guide

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Console
Overview Console configuration using the setup wizard Advanced configuration options Database discovery QuickPlace/Quickr discovery Domino.Doc discovery Discover directory entries Import database records Notes databases Applications Classification Rules Classification Rule Properties SharePoint Targets Scheduled tasks Reports Task history Link Analyzer/Updater/Finalizer License
Migrator for Notes to SharePoint Designer Migration jobs

Running a scheduled task


Viewing scheduled task history

The Properties window opens for the scheduled task.
In the Properties window, select the History tab.

Deleting a scheduled task

Click Yes to confirm the deletion.


All reports are found under the Reports node. Each report is represented by a tree node. A number of standard reports are provided that summarize or detail the data collected by the user. The standard reports are found directly under the Reports node. They cannot be edited or customized within the console.

Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 is used by the console for viewing all reports. If this component is not installed, the reporting functionality will be not enabled. Report Viewer 2012 may be downloaded from the following location:

To view a report, select the corresponding report node. The resulting report can be viewed in the Results View. From the Results View, you can navigate through the pages of the report, print the report or export the report using the report toolbar on the top of the Results View.

For more information on the Report Viewer capabilities, go to

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