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KACE Systems Management Appliance 13.0 Common Documents - Release Notes

Resolved issues

Resolved issues

This section contains the issues resolved in this release:

Resolved Service Desk issues

Resolved Service Desk issues

The following is a list of server issues resolved in this release.

Table 1. Resolved Service Desk issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

A new ticket from email could show a blank title and summary.


Ticket did not get created when more than one address was added in the To or CC field using Gmail OAuth.


The ticket title from the email subject field in some cases was encoded twice in UTF-8.


Ticket Reassign To owner ticket counts included closed state tickets .


Ticket List Queue drop-down was empty when user Locale is set to French (France)


When logging in, a blank screen sometimes appeared, requiring a page reload.


Ticket search did not return CC-ed user or submitter's tickets if user was not a valid submitter for the queue.


User downloads approval request ticket Summary field was blank.


Physical to virtual backup migration preserved any physical card network settings.


Tickets made from templates did not always show parent info on the ticket list.


The Patch Schedules list page could be slow to load.


Asset History entries could be missing from configuration.


Updating ticket category field through email failed if category name contained underscore.


Tickets: Commentor not added to CC list when only clicking Save or Apply Changes.


Single quote in ticket title was not displayed correctly in email sent from Ticket Detail page.


Service Desk Reporting: Approver information was not shown on parent process tickets.


Default Custom View caused Submitter Ticket History link to redirect to inaccurate list page results.


Service Desk: Closing ticket on list page with Satisfaction Survey required resulted in an error.


Process approval timeout did not calculate as expected.


Queue email addresses in the To field was copied in the CC list (when using SMTP).


The timestamp on Service Desk announcements were not updating after modification


Updating ticket custom field through email by label name failed if label name contained space and underscore.


NOTE: The Ticket Detail page allows the browser to auto-complete the Title field when creating new tickets, if KB article suggestions are disabled. However, if a password manager is linked to the browser, the browser's auto-complete option is typically disabled.

Resolved API issues

Resolved API issues

The following is a list of API issues resolved in this release.

Table 2. Resolved API issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

Get owned queues API returned incorrect queue count.


The appliance API GET /api/inventory/machines/ did not include gateway_ip gateway_ipv6.


Resolved Reporting issues

Resolved Reporting issues

The following is a list of reporting issues resolved in this release.

Table 3. Resolved Reporting issues

Resolved issue

Issue ID

An SQL error could be seen when generating report from archived ticket list advanced search.


Reporting: Special characters were incorrectly displayed in PDF reports generated in foreign language browser.


Scheduled XLS reported error with The file format and extension of ‘<filename.xls>’ don’t match.


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