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KACE Desktop Authority 11.2.1 - Administrator Guide

Administrator's Guide
Product Improvement Program Installation Help Concepts User Interface Validation Logic Configuration Computer Management User Management Reference File Paths
Setup Tool

Product Improvement Program

To assist in the development of new features, as well as drive future improvements, we have implemented a Product Improvement Program. Feedback from this program provides product management with valuable insight into how our products are being used. This information is essential to help the R&D team prioritize existing enhancement requests within the roadmap of the each product. Participation is voluntary, and no personal contact information is ever collected.

This tab displays the current participation mode in the product improvement program.

More Info...

Click More Info... to learn about the details of the Product Improvement Program.

I want to help make Desktop Authority better

Select this box to participate in the Product Improvement Program. Clear the box to cancel your participation in the Product Improvement Program.


Click Update to save updates to your Product Improvement Program participation.

Service Mgmt

The Service Management tab allows you to manage the Desktop Authority Manager service. This service is used to manage the web based console.

Desktop Authority Manager Service

Shows the status of the Manager service. It may also be Started, Stopped or Restarted by clicking the respective button.

Operations Master Service

Shows the status of the Operations Master service. It may also be Started, Stopped or Restarted by clicking the respective button.

Desktop Authority Manager settings/Operations Master settings

Select Use your account to connect to SQL using a Microsoft Windows user account. Select Configurable to connect to connect to the selected database using Mixed Mode Authentication (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication).

If Configurable is chosen, enter the SA user password.

Click the Update settings button to save the updated configurations.

Super User Mgmt

A Super User is an attribute of a user or group that provides specialized system access. The Super User attribute is designed for privileged users who will have unrestricted access to the system. Regardless of the roles the users belong to, they will be able to view and update all objects in the system.

Default Super Users are added during the installation of Desktop Authority. Others may be added to the Super User list by an existing Super User. This can be done in the Desktop Authority Manager or in the Desktop Authority Setup tool.

The Super User list in the Setup tool will list all existing Super Users/Groups. This list may be updated by adding a new user/group to the list. Super Users may be removed from within the Setup tool or within the Desktop Authority Manager.


Enter a User name into the entry provided or click Browse to locate the user/group within Active Directory. Once the User name is entered, click the Add button to add it to the Super User list.


Select an existing user/group from the list and click the Remove button.

A connection to the database is required before setting a new Super User. Go to the DB Configuration tab to connect to the database.



The log tab of the Setup tool displays a running log of the activities the Setup tool has performed.

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