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Foglight 5.9.8 - Upgrade Guide

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Upgrade Foglight for Microsoft .NET

The latest version of Foglight for Microsoft .NET is version 5.9.13. It supports upgrades from version 5.9.4 and later.

Upgrades from version 5.9.x are mandatory. Upgrades from version 5.6.x are optional, as version 5.6.x agents and version 5.9.6 agents can both run from the same Management Server, provided they are monitoring separate .NET® instances.

Foglight for Microsoft .NET is supported on Foglight Management Server version 5.6.7 and later.

The Nexus requires Foglight Agent Manager version or later. Version or later is recommended. The .NET agent requires Foglight Agent Manager version or later.

Upgrade Foglight for Microsoft .NET from version 5.9.x

Install the 5.9.12 cartridge ( as you would install a new cartridge. Do not delete or uninstall the previous version. For cartridge installation instructions, see “Installing Foglight cartridges” in the Foglight Administration and Configuration Help.
On the navigation panel, under Dashboards, click Application Servers > Administration > Application Servers Administration.
A task is added to the Task History list at the bottom of the view. Check the Result column for information on the upgrade process and its status.

Configuration migration during upgrades

If you have modified the configuration files and you perform a minor version upgrade (for example from x.y.z to x.y.z+1), your modified files are preserved. The default contents of the configuration files from the new version are overwritten with your changes.

For example, you have version currently installed and you have modified the Nexus recording.config and the .NET agent instrumentation.config. Upgrading to version 5.9.12 would overwrite the default contents of the 5.9.10 versions of those files with your file contents from All other 5.9.12 configuration files are unchanged, and contain the default contents installed by the 5.9.12 cartridge.

NOTE: Configuration files managed through the Advanced dashboards (for example, nexus/aggregation.config) are not automatically migrated. If you have made any modifications to these files, they must be migrated manually, with the assistance of Customer Support where necessary.
In addition, the nexus/compatible-builds.config file is never automatically migrated. If you have any patch build IDs, these must be manually added to the new version’s compatible-builds.config with the assistance of Customer Support.

Upgrade the cartridge from version 5.6.x to version 5.9.x

Use the Agent Setup wizard (Application Servers > Administration > Application Server Administration dashboard) to create a new installation. Creating the installation will upgrade the existing agents.
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