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Foglight 5.9.3 - Web Component Tutorial

Using the Web Component Tutorial Tutorial 1: Drag and Drop Tutorial 2: Creating a Dashboard Tutorial 3: Adding a Drilldown Page Tutorial 4: Adding Views Tutorial 5: Using a Grid Tutorial 6: Reports Tutorial 7: Creating a Form Tutorial 8: Renderers Tutorial 9: Adding Questions and Answers Tutorial 10: Sending Messages to Other Users

Tutorial 9: Adding Questions and Answers

The Question Viewer component allows you to display a list of questions, organized into categories, and the answer to a selected question.

This tutorial leads you through the process of creating domain-specific questions, defining their answers, and viewing these using the Question Viewer.

The objectives of this tutorial are to introduce the Question Viewer, Question Mini-Viewer, and the related Association components. You will learn about the Question Viewer and Question Mini-Viewer components, as well as Question, Category, and Domain Associations.

The tasks you complete in this tutorial are:

Working with Associations and Question Viewers

Associations are WCF entities. They organize references to other entities and enable specific functionality in view components. Associations are an important part of creating questions and the Question Viewer component.

There are three types of associations you work with when creating a Question Viewer:

These associations provide functionality such as high-level question grouping, links between questions and answers, and navigation between questions, as well as enabling you to specify the content of your questions.

Before configuring a Question Viewer component, you need to create at least one Domain association, one Category association, and one Question association.

You should become familiar with Domain, Question, and Category associations before proceeding with the tutorial. The that follow help you understand these types of associations and how they are used by the Question Viewer component. For complete information about Domain, Category, and Question Associations, and the Question Viewer, see the Web Component Reference.

About Domain Associations

The first kind of association you create as part of this tutorial is a Domain association.

A Domain is a conceptual grouping that you create and name. It should be on a scale that corresponds with a broad grouping of related objects or an environment type that you are interested in monitoring. For example, in this tutorial, you create a Domain called Host Domain, which represents a host object provided as context input. You can also have Domain entities called Databases or Application Servers.

Domain associations provide high-level grouping for questions. You specify a Domain association for each question. This Domain association broadly filters the set of all questions to those appropriate for your Question Viewer. For example, the Question Viewer you create in this tutorial is focused on questions about a host object.

About Question Associations

You use Question associations to specify the questions and answers that you want to display in one or more Question Viewers.

You specify the question itself as plain text and the answer as a referenced view.

You can also specify a report view that is used if the Question is added to a report. This is an optional property of the Question Association. To learn more about it, refer to Additional activities .

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